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  1. It helps me to realize the futility of this action.

    The fact that truth is born in a dispute is a bit of nonsense. Truth can be born in a constructive discussion, and an argument is usually almost an altercation.

    Well, what is it for? An argument is usually for the sake of an argument or to convince someone of something. And if the former is useless, then the latter is also unproductive. What the fuck?)

  2. Good afternoon, fellow sufferer! 🙂

    Some time ago, this issue was also very acute for me, I just wanted to rush into battle if “someone is wrong on the Internet”, if relatives or others said something that I did not agree with. Now I take it all easier.�

    So, I call it the “anti-spore diet”. Its main ingredient is willpower, no matter how banal it may sound. At first, you just need to force yourself to close your eyes, keep silent and pass by. It helps to remind yourself that arguments with people usually lead to nothing, even if you support all your arguments with some evidence. This phenomenon is called the reverse effect – it occurs when evidence that refutes a point of view only leads to its strengthening. Simply put, people don't want to give up their opinions. And if so, why waste your energy on an extra argument?�

    When it comes to loved ones, it is even more difficult to hold on, because you want to “guide them to the right path”even more. And personally, I sometimes mentally spin in my head a line of a song that once clung to me. It goes like this: does it really matter who wins today if you're left alone? Maybe she can help someone else, that would be great 🙂

    Over time, arguing only on the case and in some cases becomes a habit. Everything that you want to say to your opponent settles in your thoughts, and this is basically enough :))

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