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  1. Most often, the “victims” program is:

    • Avoiding responsibility

    • Blaming others

    • Beliefs about your weakness and helplessness

    • Fear of life

    • Lack of understanding of your personality

    • Not understanding how to behave with me, and how not to

    • And of course, weak personal boundaries

    You need to work on all these points. One “magic” tip will not be enough here.

    And it is better to carry out such work on yourself with a knowledgeable and experienced person.

  2. The best psychologist is you in front of yourself. Write down everything you don't like about yourself: when did it start? why? Be calm and honest with yourself and let your heart answer, not your mind, because it is your mind that makes you think that way. Change the focus of attention from the victim to the sage, and in the inner silence you will feel the power that gave you life. You will come to understand what cannot be explained in words, but you will feel with your whole being.

  3. Please read Natalia Inina's wonderful book ” The Test of Childhood. On the way to yourself.” This book will help you solve your problem or make an appointment for an online consultation with me.

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