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  1. In this case, if you make a mistake, you secretly begin to scold and belittle yourself: oh, how stupid I am or what a loser I am, I made such a ridiculous mistake and there is no forgiveness for me.�

    But the fact is that you just deserve to be forgiven, and you should say this to yourself: yes, I may have made a mistake or made a stupid mistake, but “I forgive myself”, so tell yourself that you forgive yourself, you can still hug yourself saying these words.

    And there is nothing strange in this, just so we tell ourselves, our soul, that we love ourselves no matter what. We tell ourselves that even after a mistake, let it be whatever it is, that we still have the right to live on.

  2. Try to rationalize this point and understand one important thing – there are no people who would act perfectly. Not at all. Absolutely everyone makes mistakes, small, medium and rough. This is unavoidable. And if you blame yourself endlessly for every mistake and carry it in yourself, you can only achieve one thing – loss of strength, deterioration of mood, drop in performance, problems in relationships with other people. You need to forgive yourself for mistakes. The main thing is to analyze them, learn a lesson, and try not to let them happen again. That's it, it's already done. No one died, the world didn't collapse. Yes, unpleasant, but not fatal. You've probably done a lot of good things in your life, haven't you? So why don't they count, but an error is everything, a nightmare? Consider both. A mistake has been made , and it is a thing of the past. And for you, the future is more important. Forgive yourself. Can you fix the situation? Correct it. No? Well, lessons learned and go ahead.

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