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  1. in general, the ego is translated from Latin as “I”, and it is impossible to get rid of oneself, it is only possible and must be transformed. By ego, I personally understand the selfish and self-serving nature of a person. A person consists of spirit, soul and body (flesh), and here it is very important which part is dominant in a person. Jewish sages say that a person who lives according to the flesh and the lowest part of his soul is the worst of all living things, and if he lives according to the spirit, then he is the highest of creatures. Based on this, in order to get rid of the carnal(fallen) self, one must live according to the spirit, live a spiritual life, and this is connected with God and His Spirit. If you want to learn more about this, you need to study the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

  2. Why would you want to get rid of your ego? I think you are confusing the terms a bit, because the ego is your own personality. They say about egoists that they have an excessively inflated ego, that they think only about their ego, that is, only about themselves. The question should be formulated as follows: how to reduce your own ego. But if you are already asking this question, then your ego is not greatly exaggerated, a person with an exorbitant ego, i.e. with an inflated conceit, does not even allow the thought that he should change something in himself. If you completely lose your ego, then you will essentially die as a person, become a “vegetable”, unconscious.

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