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  1. In order to get up in the morning easier, you need to become a little happier. And the happier a person is, the easier it is to get out of bed. To become happier, you need to find out for yourself the meaning of life. Not on a global scale, but in the near future. You need to try to “turn” life around so that your pastime gives you pleasure. If you are forced to get ready for work at an accelerated pace when you wake up, it will be harder for you to get up. If you quit your job and start doing something that you enjoy – it doesn't work out at the moment, then you need to teach yourself to get up not at 8 in the morning, but at 9 to be at work, and wake up at 5-6 in the morning, and start your day with pleasant things, for example, jogging, or reading interesting books or magazines, play in the console, in general, start the morning with pleasant things. Then getting up will be easier, as well as falling asleep at night! I recommend starting the morning with a useful and pleasant activity, such as jogging or exercising, and making it a habit, for this it is enough to do it for 2-3 weeks. Pleasant dreams and no less pleasant wakefulness!

  2. I've encountered this problem myself recently.But it is solved in a few days.You need to overcome the desire to spend free,before going to bed, hours on social networks.Set yourself up so that everything can be done tomorrow.And if you don't fall asleep right away at first,if you go to bed at ten,then you'll get enough sleep every day.

  3. Try to go to bed hungry, before that, buying something delicious for breakfast. When I worked at a job that I liked, I even managed to cook porridge in the morning and generally make myself a wonderful breakfast, and then go to work on foot 2 km, in winter frosts. I slept for about 6-7 hours, followed the regime, did exercises and adored my work. Now that I've lost her, I realize how much I loved her. I hope my answer helps.

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