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  1. When I want to hold back a smile, I think about something sad, hurtful, sad (for example, that summer ends in a month). For me, this is the most proven and effective method.

  2. If you are sitting, then just pinch yourself just above the knee, or under it, you can try from the side, focus on the pain, hold until your face does not take an expression appropriate to this or that situation (the method works poorly through the fabric, through jeans is not an option at all). If it is not possible to pinch yourself, bite your cheek (do not bite too much skin, it will be noticeable, just the edge of the skin is enough for a sharp tooth), use the instructions above. We combine these methods with others for greater effect. Well, that's all, the funeral was a success, you didn't sleep well.

  3. I've never been very good at it, and I can hold back my laughter, but I still have that stupid smile on my face. I try to relax my facial muscles in such situations. so that the corners of my mouth droop and I try to look down. The only thought that saves is that if I laugh now, I'll be fired from my job nafig)))

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