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  1. Personality is a set of individual qualities expressed in social relationships.

    And if suddenly a person has become an asshole, then something has changed in his personality, but he has not ceased to be a person (for fans of “Game of Thrones”: as a person, Theon Greyjoy clearly changed after some procedure, but he remained a person, because he remained a subject of social relations).

    And as for killing the individual, alcoholic parents who leave their children at an early age to be raised by animals or simply socially isolate them do an excellent job of it. This is how Mowgli children grow up.

    Mowgili children do not have social behavior skills, so they cannot be a subject of social relations, and therefore they are not a person.

  2. Absolutely anyone, the only difference is in the time and effort spent on it. Every person has a weak spot, no matter how carefully they hide it.

  3. It's very simple. The method described in the video at the link below allows you to replace the personality of a person with the personality of a fly agaric, since the personality of a person is much weaker than the fly agaric. But not the fact that the new personality of this person (fly agaric) , you will like much more than the last one. The last time this happened was 100 years ago and the consequences were worldwide. Link to the video https://youtu.be/wmEFusVe29g

  4. This is an ambiguous question, so I'll give you an ambiguous answer.

    By personality, I mean a person who has formed his own view of life. And this is not about the status of VK, attitude to alcohol and religion. And not about the herd, which is stamped from childhood, they say, ХорошоУчись-ПоступиНаБюджетВУниверситет-НеКури-НеУпотребляй-ПоработайНаНеинтереснойРаботе-КупиКвартируВИпотеку-RodiDetey and blablabla
    This is, of course, a cool example. But if a person only knows this in life, all these “commandments”, what the hell is his personality to consider?))
    Here I will ask such – and why on the budget and in university? And he said to me – well, that's right, I was told so, everyone does it, it's reasonable.
    But not everyone is capable of this, and certainly not everyone wants this for themselves.
    I respect non-standard people, owners of the “new look”, so to speak. With whom even in a dispute, even in a polemic, even in a discussion. They've read-seen-heard enough. They have absorbed the sweet nectar and crave even more.
    They are already Individuals, and if you kill them, then only physically.
    And many people were not individuals, and they will not become them. So they say: they suppress the personality. Yes, how to suppress it, because it simply does not exist?!))

  5. You can just do it. The constant suggestion that he is a nonentity, the conviction of his own wretchedness, stupidity, uselessness, this can be many years of harassment, ignoring those people who are dear to a person, it can be a strong psychological trauma, shock, as a result of which the disintegration of the personality can begin. In part, this is a defense mechanism. For example, raping a child can lead to a similar outcome.

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