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  1. A simple thought helps against envy: each person has his own path, and he pays his price for what he has. Each person has their own problems, their own difficulties, their own grief. There is not a single person in the world who does not know what pain is, what difficulties are. From the outside, it may seem that a person has everything, that he is happy in his corner of the world. But we can't get into his mind and see how he gets what he has. Whether he feels joy from this, or vice versa, these things weigh him down. Everything in the world is connected, you can't isolate your happy corner from the rest of the world. The more property you own, the more time and effort you need to spend on maintaining and protecting it. The more people you have close to you, the more painful it is to leave your loved ones. The more knowledge, experience, and skills you have, the more responsibility you have to other people. The world is constantly changing. So you won't be able to save everything you have. Something is bound to get lost along the way. In the end, every person dies, and with them will not be able to take anything but the satisfaction of the life they have lived.

    Therefore, it is better to look for your own path and your own understanding of happiness. It may consist of simple and inexpensive things, but if a person finds his place, finds satisfaction in what he has, then other people's roads become irrelevant for him. A happy person has no one to envy. You can't weigh happiness, and you can't put a test on it. It's either there or not.

    Envy can be redone so that it is not harmful, but useful. It must be turned into sincere compassion. If a person is genuinely happy for the happiness of another, then he himself gets a piece of someone else's happiness. When a person rejoices together with someone, then his destructive feelings are replaced by creative ones. He clarifies his goals for himself, finds something useful for himself in someone else's life, something to strive for, a direction for his development.

  2. Envy, “technically” is a feeling of anger towards the owners of what you would like to have personally. That is, it is important to distinguish between the perception of something valuable and desirable (attraction), the experience of not having it (sadness, sadness there). Anger, anger, and annoyance do not necessarily follow from this or are inextricably linked.

    This anger is generated by an irrational idea: in addition to the fact that you really would like to have something (an adequate, in most cases, preference), such a delusional attitude is also thought up that you *must* have it. I.e., as if the situation were as if you were “owed” this object of envy (someone there – the Universe, mom and dad, husband/wife, etc.), but they took and deprived.

    Accordingly, envy is one of the few completely “symptomatic”, pathological emotions, which indicates a clearly infantile, primitive worldview. As soon as you can get rid of the stupid idea that you have everything you want, you must have – there will be nothing to envy.

    At least in its pathological versions – some feeling will also arise in such cases, but it is difficult to call it envy.

  3. I think the problem is not in the envy itself, but in what path you choose.

    After all, being envious of what someone has and you don't have can be changed in two ways.

    There is an easy way – to rob, rob, take a loan that can not be returned.

    There is a difficult way – to learn, find a job, open your own business…to earn

    You can of course just sit and whine that he has, he was lucky and so on, but this is in my opinion generally stupid.

  4. There is. I have never envied anyone. Just because I always knew how to achieve this or that goal. I was just moving towards it, towards the goal, and I really like the process. Well, the result is certainly achievable. I don't want to write much, but I live in the city where I always wanted to live, my family-children are the same as I wanted, and so on. No, I still envy you on vacation in European countries when I see our Russians who speak good English or know German. I never learned zyk, although I started many times, but my daughter did her best for me, she is a translator. And I probably envy her.

  5. If you are envious of a particular person for a particular reason, I recommend that you do this trick: mentally imagine this person and give them from the bottom of your heart what you want to have. This may not be easy. Especially if the person is not close to you or even unpleasant. But the point of this exercise is to replace a negative emotion with a positive one. Show generosity, feel the joy of giving. Imagine that the more you give, the more you get in return.

    Repeat the exercise until the feeling of envy disappears completely.)

  6. Don't do it-kill me! Envy is an engine for achieving a goal or desire. A person without envy is the average man in the street.

  7. I guess I can call myself such a person.I think it's because most of the time I'm not interested in other people)Depending comes from comparing yourself to another person and what they possess.What's the point?)Why compare yourself to others?You are you, he is he.Be focused on yourself your dreams and your success.Besides, my own worldview probably helps me.Namely I would like everyone to be happy)Based on this, I am happy when a person achieves something and is lucky.A person has achieved something, he does not experience suffering, he is doing well, besides, if this is my close person, how can I envy him.No just rejoice)!

  8. I do not know how to kill envy in myself, probably because I do not feel this feeling myself. But I know why I can't envy others – I don't need what they have (success, a car, a villa on the Cote d'Azur). I don't want that, and they don't have what I want. And even if someone does, it's not mine, and it doesn't apply to me in that form. I have my own path, my own choice, my own goals.

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