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  1. Life is like driving a bicycle: in order to move, a person must constantly maintain or restore balance, which is subject to constant changes. In other words, life is a labile, always unstable, equilibrium.

    To maintain your life, a person needs to constantly invest something in it, with every breath, with every waking up or going to sleep, with every meal or other way of caring for yourself.

    A person's presence in the world is experienced not mechanically, that is, without feelings, but as something good and as something that causes pain and suffering. To be alive means to be able to cry and laugh, to allow yourself to be happy and suffer, to feel desire, attraction and, conversely, disgust, to experience both good and bad luck, to meet with grief or loss, as well as with the acquisition of something valuable and important for each of us.

    How much we can be happy is directly related to how much we are willing to suffer. At the same time, no one agreed with us in advance whether we agree with this state of affairs and the presence of suffering in life or disagree.

    Subjectively, a person's presence (being) in the world is given to him as experienced by him. In other words, a person is always in the world as a sentient, experiencing emotions and feelings. And in this emotional coloring of life, coupled with the inner movement of feelings in a person, there is power. This is the power of life itself!

    Feeling is the experience of one's own life force.

    A feeling is an intimacy that measures the amount of life in me.

    What then can be the motives of someone who wants to kill their emotions and feelings?

    A person is not a stone, not an object or some kind of device that can be turned on or off. A man of flesh and blood, he lives, has both feelings and sensations. Feelings can't be specifically triggered or turned off. They come and go on their own. A person still has various experiences that they acquire over the years. From one experience, a person becomes pleasant and good, from another-bad. A person is not indifferent to what he lives in his life, to the influences to which he is exposed. I can feel sad, sad when I lose something valuable to me, I can enjoy life, noticing all the good things that are in it. And this speaks to my ability to be included in life.

    Living with pleasure is not always and not for everyone a matter of course. The joy of life can be taken away from a person by gray everyday life that has lost its colors due to constant routine, unrequited love or infidelity that can hurt the heart, constant stress and suffering, because of which a person can lose the taste for life or lose attention to living their life. Then we may feel that our life force is going away, disappearing from us, fading or being lost. Often this is accompanied by the understanding that we definitely do not like and do not want to live like this.

    If a person kills feelings in himself, more often, as a rule, in order to stop experiencing pain and suffering, then he thereby kills the life force that pulsates in him and sets him in motion. The experiencing person, who allows himself to feel both good and bad, and endures his experience, is always, in essence, someone who grows, changes, reaches maturity and with age comes to wither, old age is life itself.

    Based on the above, I can't give you an answer to how you can kill your emotions and feelings. Because how to kill feelings in yourself = exclude yourself from life. In contrast, I can suggest that the person pay attention to the direction in which he can at least start looking, then lie down and then move. We are talking about an important ability of life, the ability to adapt, accommodate and acclimatize. That is, the ability of a person to navigate and master new life conditions in order to learn how to live (survive) everywhere.

  2. Feelings and emotions are a manifestation of the soul. While experiencing the world, we can receive a huge amount of information (as it was in childhood), this is a powerful channel of knowledge. We don't need to kill, we need to learn how to manage, so that our feelings don't destroy us. We can work with the reasons that cause certain emotions. And as a result, unwanted emotions will not arise. And any emotion is energy that can be transformed into what you need. However, such a skill requires time to master the skill, to be able to notice what is happening in the inner world, to understand the reasons.

  3. You can get schizophrenia with apato-abulic syndrome, then you will lose the conscious will to different types of activities, and your emotions will become flattened and can simply be reduced to almost complete emotionlessness. Just what's wrong with emotions and feelings.

    It's like a dog, it needs to be trained, let it show its nature, but moderately and adequately. Then there won't be any problems.

  4. In principle, the maximum that a person can do to himself here is to stop noticing emotions, feelings, and recognizing them in himself.

    That is, for example, he will be angry all the same-only at the same time keep a peevish face and drop that he “doesn't care”.

    We have mechanisms for such things-for example, psychological defenses “repression”, “denial”, “intellectualization”.�

    But we must clearly understand that if we are not talking about “big” psychiatry, then feelings are exactly what they will be, and will influence decisions and behavior-only the person himself will not recognize them in himself.

    How to achieve this? Well, for example, for a long time and diligently convince yourself that feelings are unimportant, it is generally wrong to experience feelings, real men/cyclists/Buddhists do not feel feelings, etc. It is not easy to convince yourself of such a large-scale crap, but it is quite possible))

  5. This is not possible, at least rasstaraytes!

    And thank God, after all, that he did not give such an opportunity to a Person to disfigure himself in such a way!

    Being a full-length wooden figure is fun, but it won't work!

  6. @ Dmitry Zernov, this is not nonsense. This Is Life. And if the background of “Pain of the World” was Eternal? And you're wrong. Because of this, A Small Joy does not Become More Valuable, and sometimes even Emotions and Feelings Disappear. The Psyche must somehow Be Protected…

  7. Those who write about how beautiful life is and all feelings are beautiful-have never experienced truly sizzling pain. Incomplete wrote, and he is absolutely right. It's just that such people, who have experienced natural joy all their lives, do not have enough understanding of life!

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