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  1. try this method:

    1) first pick up ANY milody

    2) then read at the pace of this milodia

    3) while you are going to sing this verse (at least 4 times), you will learn everything!

    good luck!

  2. The first step is to find out which memory you have most strongly developed-auditory or visual.Next, start with a small amount of text, memorize repetitions of several lines, for example, wailed 2 lines, repeat without reading yourself, repeated a couple of times, if you remember, then add one or two more lines.It is better to teach in the morning and before going to bed,when the brain is most active,walking during cramming helps someone to remember better,in the morning it is worth repeating what you learned without peeking at the text,then repeat with the text that you forgot to learn again.If you practice often then with a week of cramming you will reach the point that you can learn large poems in just an hour or even 15 minutes.So it was with me.

  3. First, read the whole thing a couple of times to remember what it's about.

    Then find the audio where someone is reading it, I advise you to listen to a lot of such audio to find the most pleasant reading.�

    Download to your phone and listen like a normal song

    Since you can't attach audio here, I'll throw in the video, thanks to which I learned this verse in the evening, even though I have the same problem with remembering rhymed lines.


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