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  1. As Grandfather Freud used to say, abstain from sex and then this energy will be sublimated into other areas of activity, including creativity. The problem is that not everyone, unfortunately, has access to such psychological protection as sublimation. Therefore, unmet needs run the risk of causing depression rather than a burst of creative energy. Therefore, first of all, before abstaining, I would suggest to investigate whether sublimation is available to you.

  2. Hello! Interesting question. I don't think you need to learn this. If you are a creative person, then at the right moment, sublimation can happen by itself.

  3. Become an adept of the nofapa school.
    Completely give up watching porn, do not engage in self-satisfaction. Do not look at the girl's charms, do not fantasize about erotic topics. Let others think what they want. Just don't look or think about anything unnecessary. Stop vulgar thoughts in a couple of seconds, switching to something else. Let your free time be spent on self-development.�
    TED has a presentation on the dangers of masturbation and pornography, which are really very destructive things for men. I advise you to take a look.
    Well, I'll answer your question “how?”. Just take it and sublimate it. Watch the video with Shaya, he will explain it to you. Just take and delete all bookmarks, all pron from your computer. You try not to think about sex. Hang a rubber band on your wrist, slap yourself with it every time you think about unnecessary things. Learn to control yourself and think about what you think is right.
    Don't sit idle, idleness is the devil's plaything. If you are a creative person, then engage yourself in creation. When your day is clearly scheduled for work-creativity-walking-sports-sleep, then there will be no time for anything else.


  4. When we are motivated by sexual desire, our imagination, courage, will, and perseverance can expand to limits that we didn't even know existed. Sometimes the sexual energy within us is so strong that we feel an overwhelming urge to die or maim other people. And of course, you can imagine that we can harness this energy and use it for other, higher purposes. For centuries, people have tried to channel this energy into higher realms. And of course, there are well-known examples of the transformation of sexual energy into creativity: Nikola Tesla, Gandhi, Richard Wagner, Dante Alighieri, Beethoven, Homer, Henry Thoreau, and Leonardo da Vinci..

    The truth is that all humans are sexual beings. The path of sexual transformation is not about indulging or denying sex, but embracing sexual energy as an aspect of our being.

    Many people make the mistake of thinking that they should get the better of their” low nature ” by drowning out the sexual aspects of their essence. But there is nothing good in suppressing something in yourself, as it is a kind of postponement of what will eventually come back to you. Sexual energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.

    Apart from Tantric and Taoist sexual practices, there are countless other references to the hidden energy of sex. Kabbalah, for example, sees sexual desire as the pinnacle of spiritual expression. According to yogi philosophy, our pure sexual energy remains dormant until it awakens in its highest form, known as Kundalini.

    But I wonder why this question bothers you? You can study this area as much as you want, read literature, get involved in religion, etc., but isn't it better to use your energy for its intended purpose, and direct the remaining energy to self-development?..

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