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  1. Feel like an alfasamets, be bold,. you will immediately understand whether she needs eo communication or not. if nnet then everything, if it reciprocates, it will go there by itself. men should be bolder in principle

  2. More communication and all the excitement will pass. This is called an experience that comes with time. The main thing is to overcome the fear of screwing up. Therefore, you need to remove the importance of this communication and go ahead

  3. To begin with, it is worth learning freestyle wrestling or judo at a good amateur level. �Something that doesn't kill – in case of excesses. Yes, and confidence in the confrontation is not too prepared and organized opponent – adds. Надежный Reliable rear, yes.

    Then go to work somewhere like the weaver towns. There – in an instant you will understand that the enemy-although fierce and merciless, is really dangerous, but – you-can already cope with such threats.

  4. First and foremost: excitement, when communicating with girls is normal. Especially at your age. Take it for granted and try to turn it to your advantage. I'll tell you a secret: at some moments, girls even like it – the sincerity of men's feelings gives her the opportunity to feel special. At this age, she also has a lot of things for the first time. ))) It's another matter if the excitement is so strong that you are stupidly wedged. This is yes – sad. But if you don't push it deep inside, it will pass.

    Second. We need to observe quite a bit. Of course, all girls are very different (*), but for a while you will have to divide them into only two groups: those with whom you are comfortable, and those with whom you are uncomfortable. Didn't work out? Then determine the type of those that achtung is familiar with and the rest. And start to get involved in communication with the second. This group of interlocutors will give you an invaluable opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. Pay maximum attention to this and after a while you will not have to divide women into two groups. Just do not think that after that “all the women are yours”, here we are not talking about this, but about simple communication. And get ready to break your files. Screwed up? Get up, fix it, start over … preferably with yourself. Don't be afraid to fall. You can't fall below the ground. The fallen ones are laughed at by those who are just as afraid of tripping in public-weak people, the judge is afraid of them. If after each fall you find the strength to get up and not lower your hands, then this is called – N. reliability. It's not just women who appreciate it.

    The third. Find an activity that promotes emancipation in principle. Dancing is best; any special performance in public is also suitable: music, songs, sports competitions. Subjectively, I am against rap, because it is the mainstream now and the main direction of imitation, and this has the opposite relation to individuality. Emancipation is achieved not when you are naturally like this, but when you can calm the tremor and command yourself: “three, two, one-go.” This increases the skill of dealing with excitement. Again, everyone tends to get agitated at different times – not everyone knows how to calm it down quickly.

    ( * ) it is a big mistake for men to assume that “every woman is special”, and no less a mistake for women is their belief that “all men are the same”. This is a joke, if anything.

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