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  1. I dare to suggest that the reaction of the human psyche to external stimuli is almost more or less the same in their representatives. Resentment or discontent is a kind of barrier against unpleasant life situations. Such feelings have a place to be…
    However, if you are extremely hypersensitive and this prevents you from living, concentrating on your daily tasks, then, of course, you can try to do something.
    Personally, I consider an alternative solution to try to change the “viewing angle”. Perhaps you should look at the annoying factors from the other side, think about them and even try to find the pros. A lot depends on your perception. Plus the comment above-try to look at all the shit in this world with humor.�
    And if it so happened that something dared to hurt you-try to distract yourself with more pleasant things, just to erase the bad infusion and not bother.

  2. You can rip your heart out of your chest and hide it in a thick-walled safe so that nothing can ever get close to it, and you can live without a heart and be guided by the arguments of reason, what to pass through the armored walls and what not.

    You can purposefully shock yourself a lot and for a long time, so that the excess of the heart forgets how to feel and finally becomes right and comfortable.

    You can look around at who is sending your heart such stimuli that you need to install additional filters, and try to negotiate with them.

    Surely there are more options. Each option will have certain consequences. The question is what consequences you want to pay for the ability to “not take everything to heart”.

  3. A great tool is a sense of humor. but not everyone has it, and it doesn't lend itself well to education…�

    Second, you can simply switch from your personality to the world around you. Roughly speaking, “you're not the navel of the earth.” But sometimes it is important to understand that the world is not limited to your experience. Be kinder to others, it will allow you to feel needed, distract from the negative. However, this is very difficult)

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