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  1. Believing in yourself in life is very important. After all, if not you yourself, then who will believe in you?

    It is important to understand that no one will come and save you.�

    1) Start watching the corresponding video on YouTube.�

    2) think about your strengths and try to be the best at it.�

    3) self-confident people on a psychological level always own the situation in negotiations, and usually get the best deal terms.

    4) remember, most people don't care about you, because everyone has their own problems and troubles in their head, everyone is mainly focused only on themselves, how they look, etc.�

    Time passes very quickly, go for it!

  2. Everyone thinks that faith in oneself, like faith in some irrational divine miracle, must be inflexible and, contrary to all logic, after the phrase “Believe in yourself”, a choir of angels sings and a person begins to believe.

    In my opinion, the rational brain needs to be shown the facts. In fact, you can do a lot and do a lot, or you could do it, without any divine miracle.

    First, “fake it' till you make it” that is, behave like a confident person should behave in your opinion, until you get used to the role. At some point, you realize, “Wow, I look and think like a confident person = I'm a confident person.” Such acting imperceptibly eats up the gap between your image in your head and the image of a confident person.�

    Secondly, praise yourself for what you did, write down what you were able to do yesterday, the day before yesterday, what you did today: from a delicious breakfast in the morning, to cool negotiations with the seller about the cost of a kg of apples in the evening.�

    We are all cool, at least in some ways, just forget to praise ourselves in time, look at ourselves from the outside with a neutral look and accept with all the shortcomings and merits.

    Life hack: before responsible speeches and presentations, I recommend preparing for Eye of the Tiger for confidence

  3. You can't believe, you can only pretend to believe. Pretend both consciously and unconsciously. But if you pretend consciously, it doesn't work very well. All these positions are unstable, unstable. But instability, by the way, is stable. But this requires practice and personal experience.

  4. Hello! To do this, you need to say: “I believe in myself!” and repeat it several times a day every day. Thank you for the excellent question.

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