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  1. Recommendations for bringing joy back into your life:

    • Develop the understanding that life is one, there will be no other. And it depends only on you how to live it-in joy or in sorrow. You can consciously choose the path of joy (our thinking is very flexible and can be adjusted).
    • Keep a diary and record all the good things that happened to you during the day. Make a list of everything that pleases you, gives you pleasure.
    • Understand and value your achievements, strengths, and learn to authorize the results of your activities.
    • Develop the ability to decorate your life with aesthetic, intellectual and emotional impressions.
    • Take part in different projects, communications, try new things, communicate with different people.
    • Develop a sense of humor.
    • Cultivate a philosophical attitude to life. Man is not the king of nature and not the navel of the earth, but only a grain of sand of the universe, but, nevertheless, he can do a lot if he wants.
    • Search for and find opportunities for development.
    • The joy can be different – from the frenzied delight on a roller coaster to the quiet peace of contemplating a beautiful sunset. This can be the satisfaction of work or the pleasure of a cup of coffee drunk in silence, relief when you take off uncomfortable shoes in which you spent the whole day, the joy of friendly communication, the happiness of loving and being loved.
    1. Do not burden your life with unnecessary things – find a sense of contentment. In the wisest book, the Bible says: “Let there be no place in your life for the love of money, be content with what you have.”

    In fact, a person's quality of life is not measured by material well-being. As the facts show, people who are absorbed in acquiring material things, but at the same time neglect moral and spiritual values, can deprive themselves of happiness.

    1. Save time and set priorities, “make sure what's more important…”.

    First, determine the most important thing and allocate enough time for this. If important issues are solved in a hurry or superficially, then serious problems often appear later. Therefore, you need to discard everything that consumes time and does not bring noticeable results. When thinking about your priorities, keep in mind that sometimes you need to be alone to reflect and recharge your “batteries”. People who are too busy to think can become shallow in their attitude to life.

    1. Avoid envy, learn to love people.

    Envy poisons life, not allowing you to feel joy from it. To overcome envy, it is important to develop genuine humility and modesty, thanks to which it is easy to be happy for others, appreciate their abilities and dignity. To be truly happy, you need to be able to give and receive love. It's never too late to develop love in yourself!

    And finally, a wise tip: “Be grateful”!

    When a person notices positive things in their life and expresses gratitude to others for their kindness, they experience more joy and satisfaction.

  2. A reason to find joy))) But seriously, the IDIR method of Victoria Denezhkina helped me. The desire to go out and feel sorry for yourself has passed. The resentment against the world has passed, that nothing is given to me just like that… many other things) in general, you need to learn to love yourself. And live in harmony with yourself!

  3. Oohhh, well, based on experience, I can say that I know.
    Here you really need to speak out based on the life situation. And it's too lazy to write a long article here.
    In short, hell, isn't it a joy to have a life?

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