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  1. Learn to live first of all in harmony with yourself, everything happens in life, circumstances do not always turn out the way we want, remember that the good will attract only the good! Fill up with light and drive negative thoughts away!

  2. Well, well, well, and now, without thinking, remember someone's unfortunate case. Any passerby when they had a bad incident and you were there for them. Doesn't fit? So why should others remember your sins? People are selfish in this regard. UdacHki 😉

  3. “Treat everything with humor!” – I answer and finish off another 100 characters. I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone who recognized me and wish them all the best.

  4. Personally, it helps me to simply understand that we are all going to die, and those who retain memories of us will die too.�
    The world exists, presumably, from minus infinity, up to this moment, and up to plus infinity. That is, you can draw a straight line in your mind, without ending. This straight line is the entire time of the world's existence. Let's point at it with an X, and this point represents our life.�
    From this, we can understand that we are just a tiny detail in infinity, and therefore we can't do anything significant, which is the beauty of it. We are only given a very limited amount of time, and spending it on something negative, to put it mildly, is not cool. The best thing we can do is enjoy every second, bring good to the world, and take it for granted. If everything is meaningless, then there is nothing to lose)

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