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  1. Hello. We turn off the brain when we are able to leave attention in the body, “grounded”.this is a skill that needs to be trained.
    This can be done through therapy or meditation. They are different – dynamic and those where you are just aware of yourself sitting down. The calm, meditopia, and other apps will help.
    But it happens that grounding and proper rest are not obtained. This can happen with various disorders and injuries, and here I recommend therapy.

  2. This question is called cognitive hypermobility, and if you have it, then it fulfills a certain role, since you have conditioned yourself to stay in this mode. If there is a function of this mode (for example, control), then you need to understand whether it is always needed, and most importantly, what else do you have besides these thoughts?

  3. Meditation is an effective relaxation and concentration exercise that frees your mind from thoughts and worries, calms you down, and puts your thinking in order. Regular meditation sessions improve your mood, teach you to relax and not react to stress, and it really helps.

    Choose a location

    Of course, it is better to meditate in a home and quiet environment. Nothing should distract you. Some people do not recommend practicing in the room where you sleep. Since in this case, there is a high probability that you will fall asleep during the session due to the fact that your brain is used to the fact that you fall asleep in this room.

    But if you do not have the opportunity to choose another room for practice, then there is nothing wrong with meditating in the bedroom. This is not critical, believe me. If for some reason you can not find a suitable environment for meditation, then this is not a reason to abandon the practice. When I first started meditating, I lived in the Moscow region and had to take the train to work every day. I practiced along the way, and despite the many distractions, I managed to relax somehow.


    You don't have to sit in the lotus position. The main thing is to keep your back straight and comfortable. The back should not be tilted forward or backward. Your spine should form a right angle with the surface you are sitting on. In other words, it should fit perpendicular to your pelvis. You can sit on any chair, preferably not leaning on its back. A flat back position is necessary to make it easier for you to breathe, and the air passes through your lungs better. It is also required to maintain awareness. After all, meditation is a balance on the verge of relaxation and inner tone.


    Close your eyes. Try to relax your body completely. Direct your attention to the tense areas of the body. If you can't do it, it's okay, just leave it as it is.

    Don't expect instant results! The effect of meditation does not come immediately. It took me half a year to feel the tangible effect of the practice, but it may take less time for you to do it. No one can become a guru in just a few sessions. Effective meditation requires patience and habit. Don't start classes if something doesn't work out for you or you haven't achieved the expected effect. Of course, it takes time to achieve something tangible. But, nevertheless, some aspects of the action of meditation can become noticeable immediately. But this varies from person to person: it's different for everyone. Don't be upset if you don't feel anything and continue to meditate! Practice will not bring much results if you do not work on yourself. Meditation is, in a sense, a tool that helps you work on yourself. You should not look at practice only as a panacea. Do not think that the effect will come to you immediately if you meditate. Analyze yourself, apply the skills acquired during the practice to life, maintain awareness, try to understand what meditation has taught you, and then the result will not be long in coming.

    Side effects of meditation when used incorrectly:http://nperov.ru/meditaciya/vred-i-opasnost-meditacii/

  4. TATIANA, rest, if we are talking about sleep and vacation, does not give the scourge of modernity-anxiety. To understand why anxiety accumulates, accumulates and “does not go away” in this particular person, you can only use personal therapy or personal analysis.There are no” life hacks ” about this, because the theme is purely personalized, and there can't be a universal recipe.

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