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  1. If you exclude the possibility that the question contains a false premise and the person you are talking about cannot really explain everything scientifically, then there is only one option – this person takes for scientific what is not really scientific. In this case, I recommend reading the book “Selected works on Philosophy and Methodology of Science”by I. Lakatos. In particular, there are examples of things that are outside the scientific competence, and therefore cannot be explained scientifically.

  2. I do not see the question here, but only the incorrect wording of the statement: “a person does not have to believe in God. There is enough common sense and conviction.”

  3. In the sense of “how to live”? People lived and still live without faith in the gods, the heart does not stop pumping blood, oxygen enters the lungs, and the stomach digests food. I would like to understand what problem the author of the question sees in the ability to explain life phenomena scientifically and why this should interfere with living.

  4. And what does he see as his own problem? Is he a nerd that no one wants to hang out with? Well, different people are needed, such a mindset can also be useful to people and pleasing to God – you need to look for your place, find your business. For spiritual development, he can be advised to play sports, communicate with people and read fiction – the power of art can open many eyes to the true nature of reality, while science only glides on its surface.

  5. just like the one who explains everything to himself with the help of God. radish horseradish is no sweeter. both of them only come up with a convenient form of their unrealized expectations from their father and mother

  6. It's great to live. There is no need to keep an eye on the calendar for whether you can or can't eat meat today.

    You don't waste time going to a strange place where men in dresses feed you a piece of bread in wine for some reason. Pretty weird food.

    You don't spend money on making sure that men in dresses have something to live on. Let them go to work.

  7. There are no such people.. there are unbelievers, but those who can prove so far unprovable and irrefutable things – alas and ah.. I just get a laugh out of the shit of fanatics and militant atheists (read both those and those Internet extremists) over unknown things.. it's high time to understand that you can't detect the soul with a dosimeter.. “the indicators are normal, but the person is shit.”. well, modern sensors do not catch these things and that's it.. science is a purely material thing that has recently been trying to take steps in the mental field that have not progressed beyond the primitive mental commands to the computer that work every other time.. and they themselves do not deny it, because they are not fools.. so where to climb into the presidency, when he also did not become a deputy.. they do not presume to make statements about questions of existence, but only assume and build hypotheses..

  8. People who can explain everything scientifically do not exist and cannot exist, because the field of definition of science is limited to the world. So science, by definition, cannot answer questions about the cause of the world.

    Most likely, such a person “who does not believe in God, and can explain everything scientifically” has serious cognitive problems.

  9. Just like anyone else, but based on their own responsibility for everything they have done, building their own lives independently, without turning to some “higher forces”for support

  10. Live as you wish.
    The fact that you can “explain everything” logically means only that you successfully avoid what you can't explain, and explain any nonsense that is not worthy of consideration.
    You can only explain what you can understand. This is where you are limited.
    Science can't explain everything, and even these “explanations” are usually far-fetched.
    Relying on science, therefore, is risky.
    But you have no choice, because you are blind.
    Blind if you don't see yourself!
    Get smart further, what else can you do?

  11. Worthy! With benefits for yourself, other people and the environment!

    A. Markov, one of the leading biologists of our time, said this very well:

    1. “Evolutionary biology contradicts the innate features of the human psyche more strongly than other natural sciences. Our brain is designed in such a way that when we see something complex, interesting, cleverly arranged, we think that it was created for some purpose. When we see a frosty pattern on the glass, we mentally understand that this is the self-organization of water molecules, but on an emotional level it seems to us a miracle: oh, what beauty, Santa Claus drew. Our psyche is absolutely not sharpened to understand the mechanisms of self-organization.

    We also have the ability to reconstruct the inner world of another person. It is so developed that we use it even beyond its applicability. We want to attribute animateness not only to other people, but also to everything we see. We are emotional about even obviously inanimate things. When a sleet-laden wind blows in our faces like this, we get angry: damn wind, how I hate you!

    This is not about Russia. This is about the human race. In the United States, an exclusively religious country, almost half of the population is also against the evolutionary theory. But Russian folk creationism has a purely Russian foundation: fear and poverty.— The standard of living is declining, people are less confident in the future, they are afraid. To escape their inner discomfort, they are willing to accept ideas that bring them comfort. If not in this life, then in the next. A person needs to know what will happen tomorrow for inner peace. Hence the belief in anything. Even in God, even in psychics. Modern science is complex. It also calms you down, but on a deeper level. A sense of beauty and understanding of how things work. But to achieve catharsis with the help of science, you need to work very hard. And to get a primitive but powerful catharsis from some kind of hellomancy, you don't need anything. “

    A. Markov

    1. Markov: For any mental function, you can find an area of the brain that is damaged and you will lose this function.

    Moderator: So if a religious person who believes in the divine spark is damaged in a certain area of the brain, he will lose his religiosity?

    Markov: In this case, the situation is reversed. I'm afraid I'm going to say something politically incorrect. To turn a deeply religious person into a rational person, an atheist, you need not destroy something, but add something to your brain. There are areas in the parietal lobes of the cortex, the destruction of which leads to a significant increase in the tendency to religious and mystical experiences.

    (Alexander Markov, Doctor of Biological Sciences).

  12. What's the problem? Live without paying attention to the Orthodox, allahnuts and others whose brains are affected by religion. But all of them are not worth spending time on.

  13. Whether you believe in It or not, it doesn't change anything,It's still there, even if it doesn't show Itself in any way… until the first fervent prayer, burning remorse and tender Humility… After that, life won't be the same again. And if you stop doing it, after a while it will be difficult… Even better to come to Him 3 years before death, then the trouble just won't have time to start! :*

  14. Start exploring the world more deeply to get rid of the idea that it can explain everything scientifically. A person still does not know so much and will never know that such statements look very stupid.

  15. If you do not live in peace, then you need to reconsider your point of view. For example, how to understand a vital fact that scientists can't explain: when a baby is born, a miracle happens! In 2-3 minutes, a muscle grows in his heart. It divides the heart into two chambers necessary for outdoor life. How can a muscle grow in 2 minutes? Life is a great plan and it has an author Creator!

  16. Many scientists are convinced that without the existence of God, nothing would exist. But they talk about it differently. Someone calls the Creator-the Higher Mind, someone the Higher Power. And the Bible says:” You are worthy, O Lord, to receive the glory and honor of power, for You created all things, and all things exist and were created according to Your will” (Revelation 4: 11).

    Even those who completely deny the existence of God use the laws that He created. Not a single scientist said: “I created a chemical, mathematical law” They said, ” I discovered the law.” Because these laws were created long before they were discovered. The Bible is consistent with science . For example, the fact that the earth is round, not flat and hangs on nothing, was recorded almost 8 centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. And people were convinced of this quite recently. So from the point of view of science, it is impossible to explain that there is no God.

  17. It's simple: ask a question on the Internet like “riddles that science doesn't have an answer for”, hiss at how many riddles there are, understand that you can't really explain everything scientifically yourself, and devote your life to finding scientific answers.

    I can give you a hint: find the answer to how the bombardier beetle appeared. It is one of those animals that by its very existence cuts down the entire classical theory of evolution and makes us assume that it was created either by God, or by some higher civilization, to whose technologies we still have to grow and grow (and these answers are unscientific)

    So, what's the fun: inside the beetle in the abdomen there is a camera. Adjacent to it are three glands that produce three gases. Relatively speaking, A, B, C. If you mix gases A and B, an explosion occurs. But if gas C is present in the mixture, it slows down the reaction. A mixture of three gases is constantly present in the beetle's abdomen. And in strict proportion. So the bug doesn't explode. In case of danger, the beetle shoots the mixture at the enemy. At the same time, the light gas C, instantly disappears, and the remaining two gases explode, causing burns to the beetle's enemy. You can watch it on YouTube, where you can see that such an explosion-shot leaves black spots on the paper. Now the question is: how could a beetle develop such a complex mesanism, if, according to the theory of evolution, new organs appear very slowly, by random appearance, consolidation and accumulation of random useful mutations. After all, the slightest “flaw” in the mechanism of the bombardier beetle (and this would be inevitable if the mechanism was formed in an evolutionary way) would lead to the death of the beetle. And it wouldn't have originated as a species.

    Think, search for the answer.

  18. “How to live for a person who does not believe in God, and can explain everything scientifically?”

    Imagine – great!

    I would just envy such a person, because the most knowledgeable person on Earth does not have such scientific knowledge to explain EVERYTHING!

    And it's just a shame that life is so short that you don't have time to get to at least a fraction of a percent of the knowledge about it ALL…

    But that's what makes it interesting, this life spent learning something new every day!

    But I would not envy the believers.

    Why? Yes, because they can explain EVERYTHING!

    But this explanation they have, that's ALL, for everything the same, like: how does the transformer work? Or: how are children born? – “with God's help”, of course!

    Such a life is boring for them, and that is why they wait for their death, hoping for “eternal life”.

    And they do not realize that in this “eternal life” they are waiting for the same, but now hopeless and eternal boredom!

  19. Live in a scientific way and do not be distracted by dope (such questions). And if you ask them, then you can't explain everything in a scientific way. At least in a way that completely satisfies you and gives “peace to the tortured soul”. If the latter is true, then it's not worth lying that you can explain everything scientifically.

  20. You're a genius, I'll see: the world's greatest scientists can't explain everything from a scientific point of view, hundreds of thousands of scientists are making guesses, expensive devices are being built to solve the mysteries of the universe, and you can explain everything scientifically at the same time. Maybe share it with other scientists, and the fact that they are wasting their time.

    Well, that's enough of a joke, don't be offended by my words, I didn't mean to offend you, I just wanted to say that the opinion that science can explain everything is a misconception. That's why science exists, and scientists work – because we don't know everything yet and can explain it. So I find it very funny when Dawkins claims that he is bringing the truth to people, as if he has already learned all the secrets of the universe. I recommend that you read about the modern unsolved mysteries of science, find out what scientists are struggling with now, believe me, you will immediately stop being bored and you will open up an amazing world of unknown things that cannot be explained scientifically and you will have to build your own assumptions about how the world works and perhaps one of the possible explanations will be the existence of a higher mind. I do not believe that religion and science are incompatible at all, the more you learn about the universe, the more you find it orderly and reasonable, which cannot be attributed to chance. So the fact that you do not belong to any of the religious denominations does not make your life empty, it has a lot of things that may surprise you.

    Here's an example: galaxies form clusters of galaxies, which in turn form superclusters. So superclusters of galaxies revolve around one center. Imagine something that has the power to attract superclusters of galaxies made up of trillions of stars. Even black holes do not have such an attractive force. Scientists have no idea what it is, they call it the “Great Attractor” i.e. “Great Attraction”, well, isn't it fascinating!

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