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  1. Don't communicate. Take a little break from your social life. Engage in self-development: gym, running in the morning, reading books, cooking, and so on. Enjoy your “solitude”, and then look and the need for communication will return.

  2. Self-sufficient and complete. You don't need people. You are comfortable without them.No, you are not limited, you just like it. Why push yourself”into” the framework and finish off with unnecessary connections? However, if you look back and think about a really fruitful conversation that brought something to your life, how many episodes will you remember? How many people are involved? 100? 50?�20 people from the environment? Much less. Dialogue is the key to liking, but what's the point if your comfort zone is “independent of the crowd”? Live and do not burden yourself with unnecessary things.

  3. Don't communicate. Get out of your head the beautiful marketing stereotype that we are all sociable people, that we all need friends. Let it go, and try to live with no one communicating. This is the only way you'll know if it's really about you. If so, congratulations, you're in luck. You can spend a lot of time on yourself, without being scattered on the same type of meetings with friends in bars, on correspondence and conversations with them.
    Learn a craft or devote yourself to computer technology. Interactions with people in such professions are minimal.
    Try it out.

  4. Do not communicate with anyone. Find a job online, withdraw money from your card, ignore old acquaintances, and try to go out in the morning, evening, or night so that as few people as possible can reach you. You need to read a lot, watch movies, listen to music, think-develop intellectually and culturally, in order to compensate for the joy of communication with the joy of self-development and knowledge.

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