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  1. What you think is an objective reality, the same glasses.

    After a series of serious disappointments and the collapse of expectations, the brain goes into a state of learned helplessness. In this state, any business seems meaningless, and all good things are devalued.

    The logic of the brain is simple – if you have failed so many times, then you need to stop yourself from wasting resources so that you stop even trying. Therefore, it devalues everything around it – everything is perishable and not worth any effort.

    However, if you stay in a state of learned helplessness for too long, you will fall into depression. Life is shit, everything is meaningless, there is no happiness, it is useless to try to change something. This condition is very bad, and if you stay in it for a long time, you can go to suicide – why live if everything is so bad?

    Analyze – what did you want, what didn't work out, what did you expect, and what were you disappointed in? Burn off the loss of it. What you wanted won't happen.

    Look for what you can achieve. Don't look for abstract concepts like “love,” “kindness,” or “wealth.” Set yourself specific and measurable goals and achieve them. Find a job, spend time with friends, learn a new language, clean the house.

    When your brain realizes that it can achieve specific goals, your perception will change and your black glasses will drop too.

  2. No way to live. And why? It doesn't make sense.

    You can start by admitting to yourself that you are not giving up rose-colored glasses for the sake of “objective reality”, but for the sake of exactly the same glasses, only black.

  3. To understand that the world is not black and white, and that in addition to pink or black glasses, there are many variations . Neither good nor bad objectively exists. Does it make sense to bend in any of these directions? You create a framework for yourself, and you beat your head against it. But the framework doesn't really exist either. They're in your head, no more.

  4. You should make a number of changes in your thinking, perception, and response. In particular:

    1. Stop identifying yourself as a pessimist. In many ways, your pessimism is simply an image that you have become accustomed to identifying with, in order to extract all sorts of psychological “benefits” for yourself, such as, for example, indulging your sense of self-importance (I am so-and-so, and this is why I feel bad).
    2. Remove the emotional charge from what you call rose-colored glasses. You probably perceive (or receive information in some way) how other people talk about love, kindness, and so on. And you have the thought, ” this is all nonsense.” Why is this nonsense? Why is this all an illusion? What is love really? What is kindness really? You probably have your own opinion on this matter, you need to clarify it.
    3. Eliminate all the subconscious roots of your pessimism. This includes the victim mentality, an inflated sense of self-importance, your limiting beliefs about yourself, other people, and life in general, and the charge of past traumas and resentments that formed this pessimism, etc.

    To achieve these changes, you should do a massive study of your internal limitations. It is necessary to remove the emotional charge from all your emotions, thoughts and ideas that are somehow associated with a sense of pessimism, and pessimism will disappear on its own. This will happen when you are free of all its subconscious roots.

    For this task, there are various techniques for deprogramming mental material. Your image of a pessimist, your ideas and beliefs about the world, your emotional baggage from the past – all this is mental material.

    You can use various Yandex techniques-fortunately, the topic is now popular, and there is a lot of material on the Internet.

    Or you can use this technique (I used it myself with great success). Unlike other techniques, it uses all the computing power of the subconscious mind, which allows you to work out not only the things that you point out to your attention, but also all the subconscious roots of these thoughts, which is exactly what you need to achieve personal transformation and get rid of your pessimism.

    And, what is most pleasant for me personally, you need to work on this technique independently-without psychologists, gurus and teachers. For me, this was an important factor when I was looking for something that would allow me to get rid of the feeling of meaninglessness of life.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  5. Love yourself, sneeze at everyone and you will be successful in life. But more seriously, such a philosophy is the surest way to love through self-knowledge, if everything is extremely clear with the external reality, congratulations, you have already passed half the way, there is some percentile left, developing logic and looking at yourself, you can organize your own world with black jack and whores, not leaving the darkness under the eyelids of your eyes. There are friends, love, and absolutes of acceptance, forgiveness, faith, and understanding. Confidence in the meaninglessness of the universe and the illusory nature of being is the most solid ground under the feet of consciousness. Isn't that great? This is the perfect excuse to give up all responsibility, because there is nothing, so nothing can be spoiled! Do you agree? So much buzz around, why else would it make any sense…

  6. Excessive pessimism is a bad painful sign.

    Moderate pessimism is optimal and reflects reality.

    The scientific law “in reality there is EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE – and any positive and any negative” – no one has yet canceled.

  7. A pessimist is someone who is ABLE to see negative consequences, but there are other ways and with positive consequences.

    Objective reality???? What's it? Everyone lives IN THEIR OWN GLASSES!

    Expand, and you'll see OTHER WAYS and CONSEQUENCES ….

    I speak as a professional pessimist with 50 years of expansion experience.

    The meaning of Life…. if not, then finish the bullshit, or find entertainment to the end, oh yes, the pessimist enjoys masochism…. well, go on.

    There is one. I found it when I was 7 years old and I still follow it. It's NOT SOCIAL by definition. EVERYTHING social by definition kills the Meaning of Life, starting with the idea of survival, consumption, family.

    At a minimum, if you have nothing to lose but pessimism, you can devote the rest of your time to Searching IN COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS.

    There is no love in society, because EVERYONE is looking for it where it is not, where animal programs rule, but it IS THERE!.

    Kindness is also not a social reality. It works here – if you talk about good, evil will also arise, because by good you mean selfish, consumerist, expectations and requirements ….which conflict with others.

    Change the worldview, attitude to everything, the direction of interests…. get out of society with brains, not literally …and ..everything will be zae…. s.

  8. The question of how to live implies a willingness to change. On the other hand, a person's view of reality is always subjective. If you don't want to choose the color of your glasses yourself, others will help you choose them. If you don't know which direction to go, then stay where you are. If you still want to change your life, you'll get a hint. The main thing is to boldly declare your desire and not change it depending on the direction of the wind. If a person gives all their strength to change something, then help will come sooner or later. Why help someone who can get out by himself, but does not make any effort to do so?

  9. Start moving, not just stating your thoughts, wallowing in them more and more. We are what we do, not what we think.

    It is important that the first does not differ too much from the second. If a person is mired in thoughts, then he is not able to consider and use the opportunities.

    Objective reality exists, but not in the mind of a single individual. In the brain, there is only a projection of the surrounding world, formed by habitual, automatic focusing of attention.

    Many people have already gone through such a negative state-a habit. It takes time to replace it with an alternative one. But from extreme to extreme is often the fastest phase transition. You just need to quit it, just like motivated people quit other bad and bad habits.

  10. NORMAL people optimally combine both optimism and pessimism.

    Excessive dominance of pessimism or optimism is a sign of skewed and inharmonious development.

  11. variants:

    #1. Get treated . Get some drugs to drink.

    #2. There is no objective reality. There is your personal reality= an information model of the so-called reality in your particular head.

    This is a subtle thing)))

    few people understand that the brain DOES NOT reflect reality, eh ?

    And MO-DE-LI-RU-ET!))).

    Why do you have a pessimistic model of reality in your head?

    The model is determined by the subject's developmental history superimposed on genetics.

    Look around you, there are also successful optimists? Vooot!

    It's just that their reality/ “model in their head” is different.

    If you realize this, go back to point#1!)))

  12. It seems that despite your position, you feel in your gut that this is wrong. All right.
    You are the first to suffer with this approach, and then your loved ones suffer from you.
    “Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it will be given.”
    It is difficult to advise you, because consider it through the prism of your approach.

  13. If you ask such a question, then faith in people (humanity) still remains. I think you need to endure yourself, take help when they give, give when they ask, and everything will slowly get better. At least I did, not immediately, very imperceptibly, but now looking back at myself, I just smile at what a “Pessimist”I was.

  14. The objective reality is the movement of matter in space.

    Everything else is conditional and depends only on the meaning of understanding, and on the purpose of the movement. When there is no meaning and purpose, it is chaos that has been created on our planet Earth.

  15. How to live if you are a pessimist and do not want to change the objective reality in favor of rose-colored glasses: you do not believe in the meaning of life, love, kindness, and see only the bad in everything?

    Then move on and enjoy what you have. Or make sure that the meaning of life is there, that this is love and kindness, and then you can see the really good things.

  16. It's best to become a realist.

    No one asks you to be optimistic and enjoy everything and believe in everything. But it happens that the white line goes on and on and you need to enjoy it, recognize the fact that everything is good now, and not bad, because a pessimist will always see only bad things in everything, and pay the main attention to this.

    Once again, I will say that no one forces you to be optimistic, but you definitely need to be aware of the realities of what is happening.

    Personally, I think that it is very difficult for pessimists to live, especially for the person who will live with you, to listen to constant displeasure, all the time everything is wrong and even for a minute you can not enjoy life.

    It's up to you, of course, and it's up to you to decide what kind of person you want to be.

  17. You need to marry an optimist)(marry an optimist)!Every morning is hard work for me..Doubts, failures, glasses half empty)My husband opens his eyes and says, ” What a great morning!!How beautiful you are!Where is my beloved son?It's time to exercise!”)Trite,but true)Only an impenetrable optimist can pull a pessimist out of the swamp)

  18. With your question, you strike a pose. After all, admit it, you live exactly like this and this option is most pleasant to you. I think that the position of a pessimist is quite widespread, it is due to today's reality. Optimism is very rare. If your beliefs don't harm anyone, that's your own business! Why put on rose-colored glasses, change the image? Be yourself.

  19. In fact, this is a difficult case, judging by the way the question is posed.
    But if you really want to change, really want to, honestly, you can try to answer yourself the question:
    Why and why do you dislike (or despise) optimists?
    And if your question is just for the sake of the question – don't bother, enjoy your “objective” reality.

  20. wow! Have you really recognized yourself as a pessimist, a limited person who does not believe in anything good and is not capable of anything good?

    It is necessary to have a colossal sense of humor or have terrible ignorance (choose for yourself), to first come up with some false values (what kind of love and kindness do you write about, what meaning of life – about those that you knew, but lost or overheard fairy tales from other people?), to realize the rejection of all the good that happened in your life (memory erased or reinterpreted under someone's influence?) and then start putting pessimism as a life position??

    How did you manage all this? Your objective reality…… Are there no delicious dishes in your reality? Warm days? The sun doesn't shine on you? You have your own values, and they have not gone away, the question is whether you are able, whether you want to appreciate them.

    ps Your pessimism is weighing on you, otherwise you would not have had such a question. It's your right to live under pressure or admit that it's not all that bad.

  21. Ha. Healthy cynicism is called that.)))

    From the series – “Every body lies”. (c) House MD

    What matters is not that everyone is lying, but that this is not a tragedy.

    Score, in short.)

    If you are completely tired of everything , you can try to change the situation. Go somewhere else. Or, create yourself some urgent problems that need to be solved right now-then the questions “how to live” simply will not arise, it will not be up to that. (Called-seek adventure on …)

  22. What you write about is not pessimism, but lazy optimist syndrome. When a person is too lazy to change anything in life, it becomes easier for him to recognize everything as meaningless and plunge into a state of nihilism, to live under the motto “I don't believe in anything”.

    Rose-colored glasses are generally from another opera. Rose-colored glasses can be “worn” by fledgling chicks, children who think the whole world loves them.

    But in the process of growing up, there is an alignment of emotions, views, experience begins to suggest that life is good, of course, but there are pits and specially hung beaters for each head, rakes that you can step on.


    You have a simple position, like the very rake that is being stepped on – everything is bad! And there's no need to wallow like a frog in a jug of sour cream. But you can also drown without realizing that life can be beautiful. Start moving and explore the world!

  23. A popular observation has long been known: a pessimist is a well-informed optimist, and an optimist is a well-informed pessimist.
    I don't like rose-colored glasses either. Let the pink and blue ones live, but not to interfere with our usual cradles: black and white and speckled.

  24. People have long found the answer to this question: an optimist is a well-informed pessimist….a pessimist is a well-informed optimist. Choose what is closest to you. Good luck.

  25. A pessimist is a mission statement. Are you feeling better?”

    Both the wolf is the forest orderly and the pessimist is the society's pest exterminator from the optimist parasites.

    Of course, they are parasites, but what did you think?

    We have captured most of the universal energy. Do you think they generate it themselves? No, they appropriate it because of their psychological arrogance and get high. And the poor pessimists get nothing, so they reduce the degree of optimism of these merry people, trying to bring it to the average on the planet.


    Personally, I am a realist. Well, these are neither here nor there at all. Roses in the ice hole.

  26. Pessimism is biochemistry; any attempt at mild self-psychotherapy is doomed to failure. 100% OPTION-FASTING-until the moment when you can't think about anything else but a piece of fried meat. Instincts are stronger than any mental adjustment.Spending the rest of your life in a pessimistic daze is not a good prospect. To hell with the black and white glasses of pessimism along with the pink glasses of optimism , I choose delicious food in a reasonable amount)))) Figuratively speaking, food is primary. Eaten-tasteless-pessimism, Eaten-delicious-optimism. And if so-Pessimism-ate food-pessimism is a trap.Joe Dispenza can help you.

  27. You can't change the objective reality. Absolutely, she won't understand it. As rose-colored glasses of its own use. In the case of disbelief, one must continue to remain in it. Life, love, and kindness really have no meaning. If you don't include it in them. Like a dagger in its scabbard. Didn't work out? Accept them as meaningless. And you will be happy. It is also not intelligent, and it cannot be comprehended.

  28. If you are aware of the unsatisfactoriness of life, you need to think about the following.�

    Yes, indeed, all things are unsatisfactory, because they appear, change, disappear. From this it follows that one should not attach to any things (even to the body and consciousness), so as not to suffer from the disappearance/undesirable transformation of objects of attachment. In other words, it makes sense to learn to be happy regardless. Including regardless of alcohol, drugs, delicious food, entertainment. By clinging to the stimulation, you suffer when it disappears and you want more. The Buddha taught and showed specific ways to be independent even of thinking and breathing.

  29. Pessimism is a position of thinking in which a person experiences dissatisfaction before the real causes of it have emerged. This is due to the fact that a person's attention is directed not to the present moment, but to the future, which is not yet there.

    To turn pessimism into realism, you need to focus your mind on what is happening now. What is bad now, and what is good now. For example, a toothache. Badly. I need to go to the dentist. I went. The tooth doesn't hurt. Good! Why think about the fact that all the teeth will one day hurt or fall out, if now they do not hurt and in place? If you think a lot about what is not there, your mind will be loaded with stress that has no basis in reality.

    Why is it important to keep your attention in the present moment? Because happiness is happening now. The past is no longer there, the future is not yet there. There is only now. This is reality. As in the song: there is only a moment between the past and the future.

    Rose-colored illusion glasses are no less harmful than pessimism. If there is something that causes displeasure, you can not ignore it, hide it from yourself. It is necessary to show it and eliminate the causes. That is, a useful (and perhaps the most important) question for a person-is there a concern now? Not what bothered me before, not what will bother me later, but what is happening now. What can I do right now to eliminate the causes of anxiety and displeasure? If you pass your present moment through the filter of this question, then you can bring your mind closer to understanding reality.

  30. Do not think that you are the only one, there are a lot of pessimists and dissatisfied with this life, but there is little love and kindness. Most people have simply accepted that the world isn't perfect, it's just the way it is, and they don't owe anyone anything. Someone managed to realize themselves, and someone just finds meaning in pleasant little things. Try to become a source of love and kindness yourself, not to get something in return, but just for yourself, for self-affirmation. Look at yourself from the outside, your life is valuable in itself, you came here for some experience, maybe negative, but not meaningless. Turn to religion eventually. Buddhism is very good at setting the brain, and it is called “medicine for the mind”.

  31. It also seems to me that there is nothing wrong with the fact that people are different, and that there are pessimists and optimists. Here someone really had a difficult life and fate, someone broke down. Not everyone is always laughing and gushing. There is a famous American actor Keanu Reeves, he is somehow unlucky in life. And one day, fans who caught him drinking a bottle in the park asked: Keanu, how are you doing after everything that's happened to you? Where do you get your life force?” To which the wise Keanu replied: “No secret, guys. You just need to be happy to live, and I don't.” I love it.

  32. The Pessemist as a whole is a useful and necessary phenomenon. Moreover, half of the sober assessments of what is happening, how the world works, and should be pessimistic. You may be a negativist. Usually, the pessimists I met, even when they seemed boring, generally spoke accurately and productively, were correct in their judgments, and most importantly, they were completely satisfied with this view of the world. And negativists are more prone to whining and dissatisfaction. There is such a concept as the accumulated level of internal dissatisfaction. It is very bad for the quality of life. And the funny thing is that people usually consciously choose this path themselves, for example, they watch the news, so that later they can be indignant and angry at events for a long time and unpleasant for themselves, which, in principle,they cannot change. Try to become realistic, not to use rose-colored glasses, but to see different sides of the coin in everything.

  33. The main problem is that you think “objective reality” is bad. What makes you think that at all? Bad and good are just your attitude to reality. If you don't want to wear rose-colored glasses, then remove the black ones too. Don't theorize about life, but live it. This is the only way to be as objective as possible.

    And about meanings: should they exist? You never thought that all meaning is just a limitation of life. That is why they say that you need to choose the meaning yourself. Yes, they are made up, but the meanings are a priori fictions. They can't be any different. Only man gives meaning to everything.

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