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  1. In my opinion, the only correct way of life that a person can choose for himself is the path of happiness. Everything in our minds is tailored to this. Self-realization and self-development in other words. Spiritual growth, growth in all areas of life that interest you, activity. From growth and development, self-realization is born, a person becomes “himself”, and the more he grows, the more he finds himself, gets stronger on his feet, sees and feels more positive things in this life. Good luck with your search!

  2. A program called Instinct is already running in our brains by default. In accordance with this program, you must pass the distance from point ” A “to point “B”. Each of us knows the current “A”, but neither sleep nor spirit does not know about the point”B”. Any person in this world is already born perfect, even if he has some deformities (in our interpretation). Instinct controls all our actions and internal processes, it protects each of us from danger, and it is better to take care of our own mother. Someone in life, inevitably, someone crosses the path, and then this “someone” says that you are not living right, and he is absolutely right, because it says his Instinct. And what you should do to get to point “B”, you will tell your Instinct. So, by definition, you can't break any rules and do something wrong. All this is someone's opinion, and an attempt to move you out of someone else's way. That's all!

    P.S. And all this is absolutely serious, without nonsense.

  3. It's right to live the way you like and feel comfortable. This way of life will be the most correct for you, and only you can find it for yourself, and in order to find it , you need to develop, experiment and form your point of view on various topics, and then the way of life.

    Just write out the components of your lifestyle on a piece of paper and write opposite them the most comfortable and profitable ways to implement this item.

    For example: lifestyle.

    Food – porridge / salad in the morning, anything in the afternoon and nothing at night – I'm happy.

    Just take such a small step in shaping your worldview.

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