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  1. First, let's look at where our worries and anxieties come from.

    There are several options and they are all from personal experience:

    1. We worry about our body and health because we believe that we are the body

    2. We worry about money and work

    3. We are worried about making the right choice in life and not turning the wrong way

    There are still worries about relatives, natural disasters, politics, but these 3 above seem to me the main ones.

    1. When we think that we are our body, we are in a more or less constant state of anxiety.

    We are looking for diets, thinking about what we can eat and what we can't eat, worrying that we should move more, and we are sitting at the computer.

    We treat the body like a mother treats a small child, which she wraps in seven layers when it's not very cold outside.

    In fact, our body is an amazing machine that knows what is best for it. If it is cold, then even without our conscious intervention, the body will go and get dressed. If he's hungry, he'll go to the kitchen and eat something. The body itself knows how to live, if we just let go of control and let it go.

    We don't need to be so protective of our body, because we are not our body.

    More precisely, we are the body too, but the real-You is the consciousness in which thoughts, feelings, sounds, sensations of the body appear; the whole world.

    All the world's religions have been talking about this since time immemorial, but we ignore it like beautiful fairy tales.

    But imagine such an experiment.

    You wake up at night in total darkness and silence and don't even have a thought in your head. And, in addition, you lay down not only your arm, as often happens in a dream, but also the whole body so that there are no sensations in it.

    There are no thoughts, sounds, sensations and complete darkness around.

    You'll still know that you're alive, that you exist, right? There will be something, let's call it consciousness, which remains and which is the primary basis of all our life experience.

    This consciousness is the real You, and even after the death of the body, it does not disappear anywhere, because it is all that is. There is only This, there is nothing else.

    All religions speak of Unity.

    If there is only this One and nothing else, then where can we disappear to? Consciousness only changes the channel, appearing somewhere else in the universe.

    When you realize that even after the death of the body, you-the real one-will remain alive (because you cannot die, you are Life itself), then immediately there is less concern about the current life.

    The problem is that we mistake ourselves for the body, which is bound to die and the mind, the brain, which will die with the body. Of course, we worry about life.

    It's like carrying a fragile vase in your hands, knowing that at any moment it can break. How to relax here?

    But in reality, the vase can never break. We can't die even when the body dies.

    If this part has responded to you, then here is an article on this topic and a video that will allow you to see the truth for yourself.

    1. We worry about money and work

    Let's move on.

    Worrying about money is so common, but not normal. This is not normal because there is only One thing and this One Thing is Us and even when they lose money, they go to someone who is also Us. It's like moving money from one pocket to another, worrying that it's no longer in the same pocket as it was.

    Here I wrote about a method that helped me relate to money more easily. I still practice it, and although I haven't won the lottery yet, that's not the main thing, but the main thing is that I stopped worrying about not having enough money and having to save it.

    And this, in my opinion, is more expensive than any money.

    1. Right and wrong decisions

    The idea that we have free will and make decisions is at the heart of the fear of making the wrong decision. In practice, we don't have free will. Here I gave a simple example how to see it for yourself.

    I do not know what my next thought will be.

    I do not know why I chose chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream today, although I hesitated between the two.

    I do not know why I am writing this answer now.

    Everything just happens and we, as a consciousness beyond thoughts, experience the experience of human life.

    And when you realize that there is no free will and we choose what we choose, then there is no point in worrying anymore.

    You can trust Life, trust that its flow will lead us where we need to go.

    And how wonderful it is that you can finally stop worrying so much about your life!

    How much effort we spend in vain, afraid to make the wrong choice!

    And how to give in to life, and not fight it, I wrote here today.

    If the answer is answered, please join my Telegram channel, where together we learn to live easier, doing less and enjoying more. It's possible, you'll see.

  2. To achieve “Buddhist peace”, one must first study Buddhism and its classical texts, listen to the instructions of teachers lamasgurus who are in the Buddha's line of succession.

    What not to do: listen to coachesusiness Zen coachespsychologists and other people who are not related to Buddhism and cultivate confusion in the minds of their followers based on a wrong understanding of the Teachings. By themselves, psychological trainings do not carry anything bad if they are conducted by specialists, but unfortunately they have nothing to do with Buddhism. Buddhism is not only and not so much positive thinking)

  3. Live through death. Experience the “not to be” craving. Desires, thoughts, and emotions won't hold you back, and neither will you. Anxiety is normal as long as you want something from yourself, to make yourself better, others, the world around you.

  4. In addition to this, the most important idea in Buddhism is that the source of suffering is desire. Accordingly, in order to get rid of suffering, it is necessary to get rid of desires. To do nothing, to want nothing-only then there will be no suffering.

  5. If something can be done, why bother with it? You just need to do it. If something can't be done, why worry about it? The reality of worrying won't change for the better.�

    Anxieties arise from attachments. If you ask yourself more often:�”Why should I do this?”, then it turns out that there are many unnecessary things, bad habits that are not needed, they can be easily abandoned in order to reduce the burden of anxiety.

    The most important value of a person is inner freedom. Everyone has it. No one can take it away. No matter what happens outside, a person is free inside. As it is sung in the song “you are the Champion of the inner world”. External problems are nothing compared to internal freedom.

  6. I think that anxiety and worries primarily indicate the importance of something for you. If nothing bothers you and you don't worry about anything, then it means that you are dead 🙂

    However, you can try to learn to worry so that the anxiety does not interfere with the activity, but helps. But this is a completely different formulation of the question.

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