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  1. Opanki! So you, like any other person, are by definition subjective!))�

    That is, the task is simplified to “do not believe in common sense”.�

    • And this is the development of critical thinking, analysis and all sorts of logic, because human common sense is often based on typical errors and automaticisms of thinking (heuristics).

    Actually, good luck to you in this!)

    (Oh, if I were a genie from the lamp, I would now be gloatingly giggling on the topic “be careful with your wishes”))

  2. If you believe in common sense, then you have already lost your objectivity.

    In general, if you at least believe in something, then you are no longer objective.

    So the quickest way to lose objectivity is to start believing.

    Try to start believing your mom in the family, your lover in a relationship, your boss at work, or the government in the country – and you've already lost all objectivity.

  3. Everything is very simple here! Just go to work for Россию Rossiya 1 or NTV! Enlist Kiselyov's practical recommendations and go ahead: the path in the opposite direction from common sense is provided!

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