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  1. HONESTY AND KINDNESS can manifest themselves in different “sizes” – in the “small market size” these qualities were respected in all countries and times.

    The degradation of civilization manifests itself in a reduction in the size of these qualities, and this guarantees a Catastrophe, according to the forecasts of all advanced scientists and thinkers.

    The development of civilization is impossible without increasing these qualities – this requires significant efforts and changes.

  2. Stop thinking that way yourself.

    No need to invent for “society”. You are expressing your opinion now. When you stop thinking of honesty and kindness as something stupid, the “society”you imagine will also stop.

  3. So that “honesty” and “kindness” do not seem stupid and naive , it is necessary that these “honesty” and “kindness” are not harmful to you. And it's not about any benefit , but about the primitive ” I gave everything , I didn't have anything left for myself “.

  4. Kindness and honesty are excellent qualities and only inspire respect, but only if they are shown on the basis of knowledge. It's impossible to be kind and honest just like that. You need to know where, when and how to be kind(place, time, circumstances), this is a whole science, also about honesty. Everything is written in the Bhagavad Gita.

  5. No way. Be yourself. You don't need people who misinterpret your virtues. The right people, “your” people will not misunderstand you, but will see and appreciate your true qualities. At the same time, the environment is filtered 😉

  6. Don't be stupid and naive, of course.�
    Well, it is advisable not to forget about the proverb ” the kindness of the strong is kindness, the kindness of the weak is weakness.”

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