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  1. And why do you need to fight aggression at all? This is energy, it wants to express itself, and if we fight it, we only squeeze it like a spring. Then it will still start to unclench and will do it in even more destructive ways and hit us ourselves. Therefore, in relation to aggression, you should forget the word “fight” altogether.

    Instead, we need to learn to show respect for what we consider aggression-it doesn't just happen out of thin air. Yes, it can be a hypertrophied reaction, but it is very important to see the facts in relation to which it began. If you shift your attention to the facts about any very strong emotion, you can quickly deal with it and get constructive. For example, replace your thought “he behaves ugly” with something that we specifically consider ugly. For example: “He calls me a fool.”

    Once a fact is determined, you need to pay attention to the interpretation of this fact. Why is there such a strong emotional reaction when confronted with this fact?

    Such leading questions and searching for cause-and-effect relationships can help you build up your ability to cope with aggression and other negative states. Of course, this skill doesn't come right away, but you need to build it up gradually.

  2. Aggression, I think, arises from a general dissatisfaction with the quality of one's life. Life should be easy and successful, then there will be no aggression. All sorts of nervous diseases should not be considered now. There you need the help of a separate specialist. Daily meditation and good friends also help you well. Only meditation should be done every day, just once to sit for an hour or two, it's stupid to wait for results.

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