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  1. Stop fighting her and you'll win. Accept it, stop fighting, and it will bloom with a million small and large details that you didn't notice before, because you blurred your eyes with the same mental patterns. Everyday life is not somewhere around. It's in your head. There and transform it, change the perception, pay attention to everything that surrounds you. Go with small conversions. Do something a little bit every day that you've never done before. Choose a new route to work, or the metro. Try telling your colleague something you've never said before. Or your boss. Why not? Try ordering something from the cafeteria that you've never tried before. Upload something to your player that you've never listened to before. Open up and it will all flow into you. This is not so difficult, the main thing is to pass the chip…

  2. Everyday life is essentially how you live your life. If all the days seem monotonous to you, then perhaps nothing pleases you or you do not know what to do with yourself.

    Try to look back, remember all the good things that happened to you, in what circumstances it was, with what people. And repeat it at a minimum. It may take a while, but you'll appreciate it.

    And as much as possible-look around, communicate with as many people as possible, get inspired from them by what makes them enjoy life – and try to find yourself in it 🙂

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