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  1. In general, you need to work here, in coaching or through one-time consultations. The Council will not solve the problem, although it will set the direction.

    One of the tricks, for example, is that fear is caused by a basic focus in communication on what will be done to you.

    This is the result of authoritarian upbringing and socialization. Therefore, you are in constant tension from the fact that if the feelings, claims, wishlist expressed by you do not find a response and understanding from the interlocutor, he will make you feel bad/hurt/uncomfortable.

    In this case, the negative response / reaction to your statements is perceived not as a threat, but as feedback that allows us to change our approach in the first place.

    Accordingly, the grounds for fear disappear.

  2. It depends on what kind of feelings you're talking about. If these are tender feelings addressed to the opposite sex, the following is true: love conquers fear. When your feelings are mutual and at the limit, fear and anxiety disappear, displacing all negativity. There is nothing left but boundless overflowing love/euphoria/bliss/ecstasy.. You just can't resist it, and the feelings themselves show through you.

    If you were referring to feelings of a different kind, such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and if it concerns people close to you, then first of all you need to be sure that

    1) it is necessary, and does not just hurt the person in favor of your “hurt” ego

    2) this person will be able to understand and perceive it adequately

    3) you are able to express your feelings constructively, conveying the main message

    Then you need to put yourself in the place of this person, try to see the situation through his eyes (taking into account all his personality traits). Then everything will go well and you will not get into unnecessary problems.

    This strategy is not universal, because sometimes you just need an emotional shake-up and avoiding it only makes it worse.

    As for those who are more or less equal to you, just don't pretend and be yourself. You don't have to be loved and accepted by everyone. This is normal and not something to be afraid of. It's just that this way some people will immediately be eliminated, communication with whom you would not support anyway.

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