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  1. This is a strange and contradictory question. At the same time, you want to not be alone (overcome loneliness) and be alone (not depend on others).

    There are a lot of questions here – what kind of contact dependency are you interested in?

    1. If we are talking about family relations, then any family implies constant contact between the spouses.

    2. If we are talking about friendly communication, then friends are friends in order to communicate with them with a certain regularity and know a lot about each other. And mutual immersion in the muzzles of people implies a certain dependence.

    Total, recommendation: define and reformulate the question in a non-contradictory way.

  2. 1) As we have justly written here, there are a lot of people around who are also looking for communication like you. You can easily find them by simply searching for groups that match YOUR interests in social networks. Find groups with similar interests, communicate, and meet up. This is a good option. In this age of digital communication, finding someone interesting to communicate with is not a problem. You just need to make a little effort.

    2) The feeling of loneliness itself is not necessary if you don't communicate much. The feeling of loneliness is a bit different. This is most likely about some losses, failures in life, psychological injuries, losses, etc. that have accumulated. And here I can recommend contacting a good psychologist. For example, to me (all contacts are in my profile). And work out that feeling. Believe me, like any other disorder, it is solvable. I have a large number of reviews from satisfied customers, who I helped to return the pleasure and joy of life.

    Please contact us.

  3. Love others as you love yourself. We live in a social environment and cannot be alone. We are surrounded by people with their own life position, just like you. Of course, there are also wildlings without contact, this is already a disease. In order not to be completely alone, you need to talk to a psychologist. I think he will find the reason for the conflict with himself. Depending on someone or something is also a disease for a free person.

  4. I do not know how old you are, Marina, but you'd better not get used to being alone. Be happy that you have internal mechanisms that do not allow you to achieve this. Find better people with whom you will be comfortable together, no matter how introverted you are.

  5. First, loneliness is, first of all, evidence of the hermit's personality.

    Secondly, loneliness contributes, as a rule, to his intellectual development, which, a priori, excludes constant contacts and close communication.

    And in conclusion:

    Loneliness, loneliness,

    How much time is there for a prophecy,

    How much time and opportunities,

    For learning about life's complexities.

  6. For me personally, this is a purely financial issue when it comes to overcoming loneliness. I always wanted to be able to choose with whom, when and how closely to communicate. I feel great in the bosom of nature and always find something to do there.

  7. In the past, I was very attached to the people I talked to, and it was very difficult when I had to stop communicating. Now there is no such problem, due to the fact that I realized that there are a lot of new acquaintances in life, and if you stopped communicating with one person, you will communicate with two more. Everything comes with time.

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