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  1. To overcome any fear, including before the first sex, it is important to first answer the question-what exactly are you afraid of. That you won't get an erection? That you ejaculate quickly? That you can't please your partner? or other fears. Once you specify your fear, it will be easier to deal with it: analyze your previous experience, ask for advice or support, create circumstances, and so on.

  2. First, answer the question: what exactly are you afraid of? As a rule, guys are afraid to finish quickly or not give the girl pleasure. Girls in most cases are afraid to experience pain during penetration. And these fears are considered quite normal in young men and young girls.

    Usually, these fears gnaw at a person only immediately before sex. As soon as a guy and a girl are aroused, doubts and fears fade into the background and practically do not bother. However, some people remain agitated. But just try not to pay attention to it, as it is unlikely to get rid of it.

    When you struggle with the fear of your first sex, try not to forget about protective equipment. Because many young people are too worried and forget to protect themselves. As a result, such sexual intercourse may result in pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

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