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  1. Two teas for this gentleman! Great question. I will immediately put all the dots over the I: now you are reading the answer of the weak-willed, but not hopeless. Here I will talk a little about the areas of life in which you have to fight with this trait, based on the experience of your own and your good friends, who also fight with this disease.

    Here is a moment: you see, weak-will/weak-willedness (underline what you like) has many faces. And for each of its individual hypostases, an individual approach is needed. It's a little complicated even, I explain: only you got up in the morning and then it started, the map of your potential troubles is loaded with weak will. I'll highlight them here. The order, of course, can change, but from changing the places of the terms, you know.

    – daily life.The backbone of your raggedness. “That's it, I quit smoking. Starting next week”, ” I need to exercise, run at least. Tomorrow.” “I won't eat any more bullshit, this month is fine, but from next month-iron!” and so on. Yeah, yeah, man, it's the same thing. Weak-willedness. Soft-bodied. Spinelessness. Whatever you want to call it. Why the ridge? Because you're “heating up” the person you know as flaky, your best sidekick. Myself. Do you know how to get rid of it? I don't either. It seems impossible to get rid of it once and for all. But you can fight it. Often in the morning, rubbing my eyes from the damn alarm clock, I think ” Fuck it all, I'm not going anywhere.” Sleepy smart-ass brain begins to think of something to say at work why I oversleep or not go out, and I must say comes up with a very good idea. But I pick up my exhausted body and walk. A good half of those who read this text learned how to drink water. But with cigarettes or health it does not roll. And all because at work you can bend down, reprimand, depremirovat, and what will you do to yourself? If you scold me, you'll still forgive me. It's you. Like “okay, don't do that next time” – “I won't.” Man, just stop fucking yourself up. Vow to fulfill your promises to yourself, in the smallest detail. If you said to yourself “don't smoke” – don't smoke, said “run” – run. This is how character is developed. Not through “I can't”. Through “I don't want to”.

    – society. I'll dump everything here: colleagues with superiors/subordinates, people I know, friends and relatives (cross them out, the real ones won't use them), strangers surrounding you during the day. This is a completely different topic. Colleagues “ride on horseback”, in the team your opinion means nothing; often when you talk, you feel like a coworker does not put you in anything. Your girlfriend/wife / girlfriend doesn't do what you ask, and your friends are happy to accept your help, but they disappear when you need it. “Charge” you everything in a row. And it's not because you're a cool, kind, and helpful guy (even if you are). it on their skin That's because your spinelessness was burned down. They see it, so they use it. I'll tell you even more – people feelyour weak will. They feel that you can't answer, that you can be bent. They feel that you are weak. Exhale. Find some time and a quiet place. Sit down and think. Look at colleagues/friends/relatives who seem confident to you. See how they behave and what they do. Start doing what you say and promise, give your word weight. Try to talk out loud about what you don't agree with (without swearing and fists, of course, it's still work). Only practice will help you here, maine. Confidence will come.

    Well, I highly recommend reading the story of Daniyar Sugralinov “Bricks”. There is just this problem right there. Strong-willed people are not born and, fortunately for us, everyone can develop this in themselves.�

    Start small. Stop fucking yourself up.

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