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  1. You take and delete all social networks (unless,of course, you need them for work), as well as delete games and so on
    Tested on personal experience :you will constantly try to turn them on automatically, but there is nothing there,and this just works

  2. Replace your smartphone addiction with a computer addiction. A true assistant in this – Steam. In general, if you are busy with work, then any dependency will pass by itself, previously I also hung up on my smartphone, at this time I am overloaded with work, only vatsap

  3. You take it and start using the simplest push-button phone, camera, navigator, etc. A separate item. Carrying everything with you is more difficult, but what to do. The main thing is not to start getting stuck in Yandex. Navigator. Then all is lost.

  4. Personally, I can force myself to take a break, because it hurts me to realize how pathetic I am in moments of many hours of sticking to the phone or in moments of strong cravings

    This is not a vacation, but entertainment, which also spends energy. Have you ever felt RESTED and ready for labor feats after two hours of watching on YouTube or a TV series? I'm not. And if I take a walk or lie down for half an hour or an hour, calm my nervous system, then I feel fucking great. Collected and calm.

    When I catch myself breaking in or automatically picking up my phone and opening my utabs , I look like a worried faggot worm in my eyes. Which suppresses the slightest alarm with bright pictures and sounds. At such moments, it is better to lie down and TAKE a BREAK from everything. Breathe there, meditate, calm down. You can take a walk.

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