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  1. In short, you need to perform well.

    Even better – brilliant.

    Not everyone gets it the first time, so you need to train.

    Perhaps for many years in different audiences with different men – and then, if the romance and skill level coincide, maybe some man will cry.

    It is a pity that no one has given any historical examples yet.

    If a peasant who has only listened to “Red Mold” all his life starts crying, then I will agree that the talent and skill of the performer … significant.

  2. Art evokes real emotions only when the artist (musician, director, etc.) passes the whole story through himself, when he lives it, so that no one doubts that these are his real emotions and real experiences expressed in the form of a work.

    If the song you are performing is beautiful, but you are not personally close to it, then the listener will feel it and simply “won't believe”it.

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