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  1. You can't protect yourself from love in any way 🙂 You can even fall in love with the person you're talking to in a chat, or with the first person you meet on the street, then you'll be drawn to them and your feelings will become stronger. You need to survive the breakup, understand that life does not stop there and open up to new things . This is unrealistically difficult to do and at first I don't even have the strength to think, but over time everything will pass.

  2. You need to understand yourself. Find answers to your questions: What is love? What is selfishness? What is sex drive? What is liking? And then a lot of things will become clear to you. The fact that love does not bring suffering to a person, therefore, is the only basis for a relationship in which you are not threatened with “painful breakups”. “Painful breakups” are the result of relationships built on selfishness.

  3. True love is given by God, but many people mistake it for simple attraction, and these are the traps for frustration and fear !

    A person will get a lot of bumps before realizing that you can't walk around with your heart open and choose your surroundings more carefully !

  4. What you fall in love with is always exceptional and unique. And what you are disappointed in-it is always typical and has a lot of analogues. In order to quickly forget the former / former, you need to rethink “he(a)” in “such as he(a)”. Falling in love (as well as feuding) this is just a narrowed focus of attention (you declare an instance of a class as an independent phenomenon). Accordingly, in order to avoid falling in love in the future, expand the subject of the negative experience as much as possible. As much as” woman / man ” can not be expanded, of course, so the subject will lose its concreteness, but it is possible to extinguish a wide type of possible future passions. If that's what you really want.

    (Why am I being so cynical about this? Yes, because falling in love is not love).

  5. A painful breakup is always a small death. Therefore, you will have to go through all the stages of grieving: accept irreversible changes in order to learn to live on new energy.

    Until you feel the pleasure of life (over time) and restore confidence in the opposite sex, do not rush to fall in love for the simple reason that subconscious resentment will become a hindrance to new feelings. Your brain will throw up different options for you, but you need to be able to react correctly to everything, understanding that you need to give time. Gradually, you will return to your memories less and less often, tuning in to a new wave of life.�

    At all times, very, very many people went through this, and then painful breakups were remembered with gratitude to the former. Exactly.

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