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  1. Human imagination is a very powerful tool. Children use it to protect themselves from difficult situations. For example, they invent an imaginary friend for themselves. You can come up with your own method of protection, for example, in the form of a mirror, cocoon, etc.

    A more serious approach is to learn how to manage your energy. There are systems that allow you to always be in excess, you can always quickly get the right amount. Space is full of energy!

  2. If we ignore the dubious idea of energy transfer at some transcendental levels, we can find such processes at the ordinary, everyday level. For example, if you talk to someone who is boring and uninteresting to you, you waste energy, get tired of such communication. Then you should limit communication, directly saying that you are not interested in it. Or, if someone provokes you to an unnecessary argument (trolls) in real life or virtually, you spend energy proving your point. But in reality, neither you nor your interlocutor need this proof. Your energy just goes nowhere. Trolling may not necessarily be verbal. For example, in the subway, a person stares at you for a long time. You start thinking about what is wrong with you or them, whether they need something, whether they are mentally ill, whether you have something wrong with your hair, etc. Your energy is spent on unnecessary thoughts. You need to stop yourself on such thoughts. To think that in reality it does not matter, and there is no point in wasting energy on such reflections. It is also useful to analyze the behavior of others for manipulation of you. This is when someone lies to get something out of you. In such cases, you are also wasting your energy if you believe in a lie. If this is discovered, you need to stop it and do not step on the same rake in the future. You need to make it clear that you don't believe it anymore.

    At the same time, it is useful and pleasant to give your energy to others. When you do something for another person just like that, without expecting anything in return, and when you see that this person has become a little happier, then you get a boost of energy yourself. Therefore, the best way to always stay energized is not to waste your energy on emptiness, but to spend it on kindness!

  3. First of all, you need to clear the chakras. After a spiritual and moral transformation in the multidimensional world of subtle energies, your personality vector will strengthen its spiritual influence on energy aggregation.

    The distribution of energies in the pyramid structure of a person is such that for the development of the energy-informational structure, it is necessary to get rid of the bad karma of subpersonalities from a past life.

    Here are the cases.

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