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  1. In fact, it is necessary to prove! Contact an independent expert on disputes with girls. They will conduct an expert review of the situation for you and make a report explaining who is right.

  2. Clear arguments, confirmed facts.

    Works with both sexes.

    Amazing near by!

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  3. If it is impossible to prove a girl wrong, then why do you need such a girl? Of course, there are cases when this is necessary – if this girl is your relative, teacher, teacher, boss or even just a colleague, and something will depend on her decision. If we are talking about relationships, then it is better to look for a girl who can understand you, your feelings and thoughts, and who will REALLY prove that she is wrong. Well, if we are talking about a teacher/boss/mother-look for the necessary method yourself, each person and each situation needs a unique approach, try to understand why she thinks so, why she can not accept someone else's opinion, “adjust” to the interlocutor.

  4. Have you thought about what will happen after you prove her wrong?

    What will it be like? You say to her: “Masha, that's it, that's it. You're talking bullshit.”. And she's like, ” Yes, thank you, I'm such a fool. I was so wrong. Thank you for helping me see the truth. I'll always listen to you now.”�

    Is this what it should look like?))))

    I think the question should be put differently. What do you want to get in the end? And how to achieve this?

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