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  1. First you need to decide what kind of mass to gain (muscle or fat). Muscle mass can't be gained quickly, so I'll tell you about fat mass.In order to gain fat, you need to eat a lot of fast carbohydrates, as well as fatty foods. Spend less energy. To increase your appetite, I can recommend Eleutherococcus extract and potassium orotate( completely safe, sold in any pharmacy and costs a penny). Have a good mass selection.

  2. Anyways,

    There are old-fashioned ways to gain weight , they are a little scary, but about everything in order.

    Method number 1 :

    You go to the street and shout that Putin is an evil, bad, uncultured and ill-mannered person.

    Here such FSB hob and grab you, then take you to the station.

    After that, you will be released there and put in a cell .

    And here's the most interesting thing, since shob you are not dead, you need to be fed, and there is no money, but you need to hold on, then you will be fed with slop, which is high in fat, and in general this food will consist of vegetable oil(missing).

    So after serving time, you will be released on the mass.

    Method number 2 :

    You go to the Dragon's house (for newfags-Nikita Lobkov), ask him for a Lotus flower (mushrooms), fuck everything at once and hob, you are now a warmonger and can control time, the universe, space.

    And of course their metabolism.

    Method number 3 :

    You stick the plug into the socket (point of contact with aliens), then explain your situation to them.

    They say OK, and then it gets dark in their eyes.

    Here you will wake up in the hospital, explain to the doctor why and why you did it, and voila.

    They put you in a mental hospital(the aliens have already agreed) the doctors themselves will feed you there.

    Method number 4:

    No way, you're a sucker.

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