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  1. It may sound paradoxical, but in order to avoid manipulations, you must first succumb to them. In other words, you must clearly and honestly define your worldview positions on various issues. Who are you: Liberal, Orthodox, Time Machine fan, etc. Do you hate pink underwear? Do you approve of using your smartphone while driving? Do you believe in aliens? Etc.
    When you know exactly who you are and what your attitude is to a particular issue, you become impossible to manipulate. The brain will automatically discard the unpleasant truth as a lie because you already know the truth in advance. And you know that you know this truth, so it will not be possible to imperceptibly replace your mental attitude from the outside.
    The problem is that most people refuse to honestly give themselves an account of their preferences and prejudices, refuse to accept them. It is much more convenient to convince yourself that you are a critical and independent-minded person. But this is self-deception. Every time a person evaluates something even completely new, he is always biased in some way. Knowing this weakness of yours will help you develop a truly critical mindset, that is, the ability to look at information through the eyes of another person. For example, “I, as a person with liberal views, evaluate this information so-and-so, but I created it as a communist, so let me try to look at it through his eyes. And to do this, I need to understand how he thinks, study what he has learned. Then it will become clear to me whether his information is true in the sense of the facts underlying it, how he evaluates and interprets it, what conclusions he draws and why and how exactly he is trying to manipulate me.”
    Thus, a truly independent and critical view of things means the ability to understand the Other (not to accept, but to understand). Accordingly, in order to understand the Other's position, one must first rationally understand One's Own position.
    How to do it? There is a simple way. You ask yourself the question: will it be good or bad for me if I introduce mandatory registration of dogs? If you immediately feel negative or positive, you have made up your mind. If not, you will have to break your head, read the literature and understand what is what and how it can affect you or society or someone else close to you, etc.Or discard the information as insignificant and move on.

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