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  1. I always ask the person in these situations: “Do you want to whine or advice?”.

    Sometimes a person doesn't care about your opinion and just needs support – in this situation, we listen, nod and support.

    Sometimes a person needs advice – here we say, but not everything that has boiled over, but constructive criticism and more practical advice. You don't want to pin a girl down with flaws, but motivate her to be better.

  2. Oh, a very dangerous situation. Of course, it all depends on the character of the girl and your goals 🙂 if the girl is ee moody, and wants you to deny her words (and you want to keep the relationship), then there is nothing to do – you will have to deny it.�

    If the girl is adequate, then be constructive. For example, “I'm just disgusting at drawing!” – you don't have to answer “Yes, it's terrible!”, try to step back from your assessment and ask “Do you want to draw better? How important is this to you? What can you do about it?”. This is a very cool technique until she asks you what you think 🙂

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