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  1. When your emotions, mood, self-esteem, activity, completely depend on another person. From his momentary and permanent relationships, statements, feelings, desires, moods that do not always relate to you in any way. But whatever he does, whatever he feels and feels, whatever he says, you relate it to your life, it becomes the basis, the cause of your experiences, their positive or negative color. He is the center and meaning of your world, a reference point in it and in the external environment.

    It's like you're melting into a stranger.

    In short, your life, your mental state, and emotional-volitional sphere are subordinated to other people's values, meanings, mental states, and emotional-volitional sphere.

  2. When you feel bad with a person, and without him. This is how an unhealthy dependence on those negative emotions that a person causes in you, “clings”, so to speak, manifests itself.

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