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  1. Already such a question is one step towards this)). But seriously, if you can't even really explain to yourself why you did something, when there is no sense or benefit, then clearly the roof is thin.

  2. It's very sad when you meet people who don't understand it.�

    It depends on what to refer to this concept. If we talk about the psychological inadequacy of a person, then this is one thing. If we talk about temperament, it's different. If we talk about education-the third.�

    I want to consider a more positive type)) – dolb-b as a type of temperament (character).�

    Probably непредсказу-unpredictability, mood swings, the richest imagination, lack of a bar (overdoing it), lack of a sense of tact.

  3. All people would be a little fucked up. But the most inveterate are those who think that he is not a dolbo*b at all.�

    Here, for example, as some kind of motherfucker,I try to fill 140 characters with nonsense.

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