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  1. And it is best to learn from other people's mistakes in books, because there these mistakes are concentrated in one place.

    Examples of such books are Charles Dickens ' novels Great Expectations and David Copperfield. The most interesting stories about how children had to take off their rose-colored glasses early and go into adulthood.

    Also, as it does not sound banal, but you can reread “Huckleberry Fina” also about the formation of a personality.

    And you can also go from your parents, just like a bucket of ice water on your head. Instantly sobering.

    In general, the fact that you took up your head already says something.

  2. Is it necessary? Who gave you this idea in the first place? Usually, lengthy lectures about rose-colored glasses and how “in real life it doesn't work, you need to be faster, you didn't live richly, there's nothing to start, life is not a musical” are read by people who didn't have a particularly successful life, and now they believe that this will happen to everyone.

  3. Hello
    don't know how rose-colored glasses,but to see the world as it is enough to start half a year not to watch TV and generally less interested in the media
    first, you'll be surprised how much life is quiet and simple around you – somewhere something happened and the neighbors still walk the dogs,children playing in the sand and all have nothing to do. and then according to circumstances.
    first, learn simplicity and peace of mind)

  4. If you are asking how to remove your glasses, then you are no longer wearing them. You also call your dreams and hopes “stupid” if you don't believe them as much as you did when you were a child. You have discovered a “problem”, and now you will begin to solve it on a subconscious level. Although this is not even a problem, as it seems to me. On the subject of growing up (this is what I call removing rose-colored glasses), I want to say that you can be in them, believe that you can sit on a cloud, but do not trust those who have hurt you and simply not be a naive person.

  5. A person may never even outgrow it. As for me, “remove the rose-colored glasses and see life in its true light” can help difficult life situations. For example, a student in the first year of university thinks about how bright his future is, works hard every day, tries to be the best, and now gets a long-awaited diploma, in which there are only A's, teachers respect him, set an example, and after university no one is waiting for him anywhere. The place under the sun must be gnawed out by itself. Here it is… 😄

  6. The masses have never craved the truth.
    They require illusions, and they can't do without them.

    Sigmund Freud

    Read all the books by one of the best non-fiction writers, applied historian Robert Greene.

    For starters, his most famous bestseller is “48 Laws of Power”, where he describes the principles that increase the power of a single person who observes them.

    Second, the Art of Seduction.�
    Since the question was specifically about irrational idealism, I will focus on this book in more detail.
    Contrary to the name, this is not some cheap tabloid garbage, but a high-quality book that describes the process of psychological submission step by step.
    If you read it thoughtfully (i.e., without distancing yourself psychologically, as many people do when reading books that can radically change the worldview towards rationality), you will see the world through different eyes.

    To see the truth,you do not need to “know life”, i.e. a limited period of time-space continuum – in other words, personal life experience is overestimated, because the vast majority of “experienced” people draw erroneous conclusions from the events that have occurred.

    You need to know the principles that have been relevant for thousands of years.
    You can learn these principles from the books of Robert Green.

    Read applied history books as soon as possible, because until you know the laws of reality, you are making the same mistakes that have been made countless times in the past.

    99% of mistakes can be avoided if you learn history lessons.
    This is the reality.

    P.S. �Yes, and one more thing.
    Get rid of the idea that you have time to learn from your own mistakes.
    Carefully study the successes and failures to derive formulas.
    Wisdom is needed precisely when you are young, in order to use your time and energy to the best of your ability.

    In your old age, you won't need wisdom anymore: I don't have the energy or time to use it anymore.
    Unless the new generation is hypocritical to criticize.

  7. Take off your rose-colored glasses and see life? In general, I believe that not one person is not given to see life in its true color, call it what you want, not the point. The information that a person has at his disposal is distorted by his perception filters. Therefore, you will not see life in its “True light”.�

    About rose-colored glasses. What is it all about? I don't understand what it is. I can assume that you see people as good and harmless, or situations from life. You just don't know them well enough to see their bad traits. It all depends on your experience. If you learn more, you'll realize that people aren't so good, and life may not be as cool as it once seemed.

    At the expense of silly hopes and dreams. Who told you they were stupid? What if they are actually very valuable? Maybe you just couldn't see their value? I don't think that a dream or hope can be stupid. It can be very difficult or easy. You do the easy stuff, but almost immediately. We call our desires easy, not our dreams.

    Wishes are an easy dream. Hard work is already a dream. A dream that is already difficult to make can take on the image of a” stupid ” dream. It takes on the image of “stupid” when you tell yourself that you are not capable of anything. And this is not so. You can. You can make it happen. You have all the resources you need. I believe in you. I know you can handle it. The essence of a heavy dream is that you can not bend under its weight. If you overcome it at the beginning, then the further path will not cause much effort.

    Maybe I didn't write about what you asked, but I put myself into this text and I think I helped. And I also want to say about dreams:” Don't listen to the majority. If you follow the majority opinion, then most likely you are wrong and you should reconsider your beliefs.”�


  8. I really never had them , not even in my childhood. Maybe in my youth there was a period of hope and faith in something wonderful, but apparently from an excess of carbohydrates. The last year of living without them at all showed that the level of fantasies is directly proportional to the level of carbohydrates, not to mention blood sugar. Therefore, most alcoholics are creative people, and teetotallers and teetotallers are cynics and practitioners.Switch to vegetables.)

  9. And it seems that the author of the question does not need an answer. Because such a question itself already contains the answer: life is gray, hopes are stupid, dreams are naive… And, like, there's a certain “truth”to it. And I think that every life is unique. And the “color” depends on our attitude. If someone is in a rush to “break rose-colored glasses” in order to see life in gray, then take the flag in your hands! Why spoil a person's enjoyment of being sure of knowing the truth?

  10. We are waiting

    Murat Devlet

    We expect silence,

    We are waiting for the moment gone,

    We're waiting in a frenzy of madness

    Not our vicious war.

    We are waiting for someone's view,

    Love and loyalty without deceit

    And a scarlet sail from the mist,

    And the right to take everything back.

    We are waiting for friends and waiting for enemies,

    We are waiting… ready to meet them,

    We are waiting for time to heal everything

    In the land of naive fools.

    We are waiting for the war to end,

    Or maybe it won't start at all;

    That the other world will wake up in the morning

    And he will give us everything in full.

    We expect the angels to be pure…

    And suddenly, like us… and they smell like sulfur?

    But it is impossible to beat out faith –

    That the Angels are still pure!

    We are waiting for princesses and kings

    With such kind eyes,

    With such clever words,

    To become a little smarter yourself.

    We are waiting for a trial from the master,

    We expect leniency from the executioner,

    From the sky the right to salvation

    And deliverance from labor.

    We expect to waste

    Priceless life days and nights

    Who knows prikup – everything is already in Sochi,

    And the ace will cover the king.

    We are waiting, we are sick with hope,

    That we will meet a soul mate in life,

    What will suddenly come true?,

    Where long palm trees are visible.

    Where is the island, white sands,

    Where there is no winter, and summer is eternal

    Her and you… and a sea of light…

    We wait, burning with longing.

    The money rustles in my pocket,

    We are waiting as before in the old-fashioned way,

    That God is like a merchant in the marketplace:

    If you offer a lot, everything will be forgiven.

    What is the pope's indulgence

    It will save us from purgatory

    And it will easily take you directly to Paradise

    For the money of a servant of God.

    We wait and wait for the poison

    It makes you hallucinate

    And sleepers with honey pours,

    After all, everyone is happy with the promise.

    We expect, somehow

    Living, hoping for tomorrow,

    The essence of true life losing

    And we remain in the fools.

    © Copyright: Murat Devlet, 2015

    Publication Certificate No. 115012100767

  11. To take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its true light, you just need to take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its true light. You just take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its true light.

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