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  1. There are many ways to reboot, and each person can choose the one that suits them best. For example, you can do meditation. You should start with the simplest meditation practices. First, focus on your breathing and your feelings. And only when you start to let go of extraneous thoughts, start more complex exercises.

    Walking is also good for helping the brain disconnect from daily work tasks. And fresh air will bring additional benefits, saturating the brain with oxygen.

    To qualitatively reboot your brain, you should pay special attention to the issue of nutrition. This does not mean that you should immediately completely switch to vegetables only. It is enough to add green tea, more fish and citrus fruits to your diet. Dinner is worth a few hours before bedtime. And it is advisable to choose low-fat, fairly light dishes. Save complex carbs for breakfast. Only in this case, the body will devote all the time in everything to restoring the body and will not spend additional energy on digesting food.

    Reading helps reduce stress. By more than 69%. Immersing ourselves in the world of the book, we seem to disconnect from external stimuli and live completely different events. In addition, reading classical literature perfectly develops emotional intelligence, which allows you to better establish social connections, better understand people and successfully avoid conflicts. It is also worth considering options for taking specialized courses to rid the brain of unnecessary information. For the development of emotional intelligence today, there are also special courses.

  2. Everyone has their own method. On the way home, I think about what I did wrong or who allowed myself a lot, I make decisions so that the situation does not repeat itself. I close the topic and

    I run away to the gym, I use anger and resentment as a motivator. In the end, there is no strength to be angry not only at someone but at yourself as well.�

    If, for example, you can't swing today, then I read or draw.

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