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  1. The main fears of Russians today.

    ● Loneliness (especially in women)

    ● Job loss

    ● Aerophobia

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    #Loneliness! A person who does not get the opportunity to develop in their natural environment begins to feel empty. And when you try to start a conversation about development, it doesn't understand, doesn't accept, and even criticizes you.

    Suffering is not an option, and the realization comes “WE NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING!”

    So I moved to Moscow, and it turned out that this was not the only way out. An effective way to change everything around you and yourself is to change your environment.

    This method of development does not involve a lot of personal effort, but rather a context that develops itself. Imagine that you are floating on a river. If the river doesn't flow in the right direction, then you have to make a lot of effort.

    If you are in a flow that leads in the right direction , you can not make any effort to swim in the direction of your goals. You can even swim in the opposite direction, but the efforts of the river are still stronger than your personal efforts.

    # A river is a collection of people based on a common unifying feature.

    Instead of getting steep in your own river, where you are already average, it is better to move to that river, where from a low level there is an opportunity to become average and higher. Becoming” not very “average is 10 times easier than becoming “cool” average.

    And now you realize that in order to fully develop, you need to find and surround yourself with people who truly share your values.

    Techniques for appearing in a new environment

    The main question is: how do I do this?

    The first technique that you need to implement in yourself is called “nest”.

    If these are developing entrepreneurs, then one of the “nests” of entrepreneurs ' habitat is forums and trainings.

    The second technique is “attributes”. If you are an entrepreneur, then you need to look normal, Not in a tailcoat and jacket, but it is accepted that entrepreneurs pay attention to appearance, because the way you look is a sign of respect for others.

    Are you happy with your surroundings?

  2. It is useless to resist. When you fight something, it gets stronger. Change yourself – the environment will change. One way or another. People will either change or change. The only thing that is required of you is to be firm in your decisions to change. Then everything will work out.

  3. The first step is to realize that the environment really affects you. The third step is a gradual change of environment. If you are not satisfied with too much influence, then surround yourself with more relaxed ones or vice versa. And most importantly – do not try to change people, it is useless to do this. It's better to find others.

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