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  1. It is important to understand that most often the one who is being laughed at is actually disproportionately better than the one who is being bullied. �Yes, �children are cruel, �but izdevatelstva are often social acceptance of the future (or present) �losers �for which this is �the easiest way to assert themselves. A normal person without psychological problems will be disgusted to do this. This is important to be aware of. �This will not solve the problem, �but if you develop an understanding in yourself of the fact that those who have already been offended by life are hurting you, it will make life much easier for you.

  2. Grow up, and the experience of ridicule will pass.
    Alternatively, agree with all the ridicule. And immediately walk away from someone who behaves like this to you.
    An option is to respond to each attack with a deadpan look of ” and what?”. Ad infinitum. The opponent will soon get tired of such a conversation, and he will fall behind.
    In general, equanimity and indifference are the best weapons in these cases. After all, ridicule is meant to hurt, to offend. And if a person doesn't care, then what's the point of wasting time on him?
    And if it is close people from ignorance inadvertently offended, then immediately report it. You can also say the reasons. Well, for example: “Ugh, when you squint, you look like an old grandmother!”. Answer: “Yes, my sunglasses broke today, and it's very painful for me without them in bright light. I thought you were aware of my problems, my best friend after all!”
    Something like that.

  3. You need to know your weaknesses so that you don't get caught off guard. And also remember that there is no point in being offended by the truth, it is the truth, and it is even more pointless to be offended by a lie, it is clear why. You may have to repeat this to yourself often at first. I was very touchy as a child, and I repeated this to myself a hundred times a day, so as not to feel endless resentment at everything in the world.
    So, how to respond. It seems to me that all scoffers can be divided into three conditional categories.
    The former simply do not follow the language. Their taunts can be as malicious as they like, but they are most likely made for the sake of a red word, and not with the aim of offending you.
    The latter also speak out, simply because the moment is good, or the mood is bad, or there is someone in earshot who needs to show off urgently, or some other garbage.
    Still others are evil bastards and find fault with you.
    If the first and second sometimes quite directly (and even harshly) say that they have a moronic sense of humor, and that they cut off their flows in your direction immediately (and not that..!), then you will have to fight with the third. Well, or take a closer look at them. If you look closely at these scoundrels, you will see that behind their ridicule they hide such a great fear that you will find it funny, and so funny that you will not start mocking people yourself.
    The answer turned out to be lumpy. In general, I understand how difficult it is to resist ridicule, and everyone has their own circumstances, and there is no universal plan of action, but in no case do not let other people's words spoil your mood and life.

  4. You will not be able to avoid reacting due to the natural characteristics of our body and the structure of human relations as such, so I offer four main options for reacting to ridicule and other negative things directed in your direction.

    1. Physical resistance is the most radical method, but also the most effective. With its help, you can beat off any desire to “poison”you in a few short sessions. It doesn't matter if you are stronger or weaker, few people like to fight, and if the opponent (you) also does it inadequately, for example: screams, bites, throws chairs, etc., then all this desire will subside and you will be left alone, although you will become an outcast because they are afraid of you.

    2. Intellectual resistance is the best method that requires the greatest effort. It is worth noting that it will not work if you have weak willpower or if you are simply flooded with a stream of phrases. For example:
      Abuser: “What a freak you are, and even stupid!”
      You: “Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?”- or: “Keep talking, one day something clever will come out of your mouth.”
      Here, the winner is the one who is able to maintain a high level of insults and avoid mistakes and, most importantly, leave in time. Leave, not run away.

    3. Patience, as already suggested-do not pay attention-one of the stupidest tips. If you are weak and show it, and in this case patience is exactly weakness, then they will want to crush you, humiliate you even more, because the more you endure, the more disgusting you are, for the abuser it can already become a matter of principle to smear you. You will be all sorts of dirty tricks, from spitting to “dark”.

    4. Escape is an ancient strategy of great minds. Just avoid contact with negativity, which works really well if you don't have to meet someone or others who are making fun of you on a regular basis.

    You can combine all these options at your discretion and achieve success. Good luck!

  5. Taunts are funny and offensive when they hit the target. if there is no goal and the target has been removed, then there is no point in ridicule.

    This is the title. For practical application, you need to face the truth and find the root of ridicule and or change if possible or make it an INTEGRAL part of your image.

    For example, if you have toilet paper sticking out of your pants, then you need to take care of yourself in the toilet. if you are not neat or well-groomed, then you need to devote a little time to this and learn.

    The second part is more complicated, but I will try to explain it from my own experience. Before immigration, in the advanced country of the USSR, I was not called anything other than a Jew. At first I fought, and then I looked at it from a different angle, and now every time I was asked to leave for my Israel, I demanded to donate a small fee for the ticket. very quickly, the joke was no longer funny. After immigration, on the Israeli streets, no other than smelly Russian was called. Again, I fought first, and then I made a T-shirt with the inscription “I'm a stinking Russian”. The questions disappeared by themselves. and so on, depending on the situation. There is a great example in the movie about Eminem, when he completely disarms his opponent in rap battle, singing in advance everything that could be said about him and what could be humiliated (about his alcoholic mother and the fact that he is white and everything else).

  6. At the risk of drowning in the minuses, I will express my personal opinion. You can react to aggression in different ways, and basically everyone chooses something different, whether it's crying, laughing, ignoring, anger, and so on. I respond to aggression with aggression. You just need to understand that this is not always a “punch in the face” (although sometimes this is what you need). Follow the tit-for-tat principle. If they mock you, mock them back. For a pro level, you need a skill, of course, but if you learn to be sarcastic and sarcastic, then your abusers will not have so much fun hurting you. Again, this is just my opinion. This method is not suitable for everyone. And I'll give you one more general tip – taunts are designed to provoke a negative reaction from the victim. If a person does not take to heart what is said about him, then the meaning of getting is lost. Good luck with:

  7. Oh, what a familiar situation.
    As a child, I was also laughed at because I was ugly…�
    Beloved mother gave a typical female advice-do not pay attention, and they will fall behind. It's not hard to guess that being ignored has turned me into a complete outcast in the classroom. That's how I was bullied until I went to boxing.
    Then I smashed the main bully's face into mush. And in general, I began to beat everyone who laughed at me, including girls. And he took money from them.
    And, oh my God, no one was laughing anymore, now everyone was afraid, and I was at the director's office every day.
    Then I grew up, and from the moment I went to college, and then to uni-I didn't have such problems anymore.
    In general, first you need to understand that these subhumans are not with you forever. And their opinion means nothing. Find friends with whom you can communicate. Then it won't affect your self-esteem.
    As a girl, I can't advise you to hammer everyone…Maybe you should transfer to another school.

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