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  1. By Google. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

    self-education can last a lifetime.

    But, in general, any adult should be able to find the information they need.

    There was a question – I got in and read it.

    It is not necessary to accumulate knowledge all in a row, completely and without really realizing what it is and why, where it is used and how. �there are libraries for this purpose.

    A person is not an archive where everything lies and waits in the wings!

    You should just have an idea. what they say, and what to look for �and where to look, if you need to do this or that.

  2. Read what makes you feel good. If the book interests you, intrigues you, you can read it in a couple of days, but if it seems boring to you, then reading will be complete violence. But in terms of somo-education, you should definitely pay attention to the scientific literature. Also, to improve your vocabulary, you can install a program on your phone that invites you to get acquainted with a new word and its meaning every day. You can watch discussions of well-known scientists in the field that interests you, where each participant not only expresses their thoughts, but also argues for them, which leads to our use of analysis, synthesis, critical thinking and generally affects our development.

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