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  1. Oh, a lot depends on proper training! In order:

    1. If you decide to make a serious change in your life and beliefs, you should first understand: WHY ANDHOW EXACTLY to change – otherwise, you can spend a lot of time and effort, but in the end come to an unsatisfactory result (you know, like a lady who wants to “change something”, goes and does a haircut.. and then he realizes that this is “not right” and begins to grow his hair with fervor). What beliefs about life are there now? Which ones do you dislike and why? What should go, and what should come in place of the departed? What should be left? By the way, in the course of such an analysis, it often turns out either that not so much needs to be changed, or that it is necessary to change something that was not thought of before.
    2. After it becomes at least partially clear where to move – TO WHAT, and notFROM WHAT – you can prepare to start. And to do this, you need to make a choice, starting either with the most priority / key area of beliefs that need to be changed, or with the one that for some reason is the most attractive. The first option is more suitable for strong-willed, purposeful, rational people, the second-for emotional, inclined to move in “jerks” and attach serious importance to the “like – dislike” moment.
    3. Shortly before starting the change process, it makes sense to determine: how will you evaluate your success? How will you know that you are making progress on your chosen path? Therefore, it will be necessary to develop criteria for intermediate control. The simplest option is to determine in advance for yourself what micro-shifts in relation to yourself, others, relationships, and life in general will be signals that the process is developing. If the criteria are defined, then the signals will not be lost later – and this is a great support and motivation on the path of change.
    4. Now we need to determine the ways in which the changes will be implemented. Standard methods: self-education, reflection, and training. It is also important who and what to learn from, because one expert can hardly combine absolutely everything that you want to acquire, and it is completely impossible to” copy ” another person: after all, we are all different. So, it is worth finding some “teachers”.
    5. And now you can start… although, of course, I'm lying here: in fact, the process of change starts already at the moment when a person clearly understands what he wants for himself.

    The most difficult and time – consuming step is point 1. In fact, if a person has already set foot on the path of conscious change in their life, it cannot be completely completed. And it is this point that will give “fuel” to the entire further process.

  2. There is a proven method – you need to find a person who has what you want to achieve, and become his student. You need to find a mentor who professionally helps people change their lives and beliefs and help them achieve results in a short time.

    Registration for mentoring is now open. You can follow the links on my page to make an appointment.

  3. You just need to think more.About everything. To perceive everything not superficially, but to delve into everything that you hear, see, etc., try to find a deep meaning in everything(whoever is looking, will always find it, even if it is not there).

    Specifically, I had a rethinking of everything during a personal crisis, which was caused by a person who taught me to look at everything differently( deeper).

    In addition, you need to read. I would recommend the existentialists ( Kafka, Camus.. Read Dostoevsky) and you need to read not just to finish or for the sake of beautiful quotes, but to learn something new and useful ( this principle applies not only in the field of reading). Watch more films designed for a narrow audience, because for a wide audience , there is often enough and uncomplicated, nothing representing a plot, because most people are alien to the ability to strain their brains.

    Set priorities : give up communication with stupid and empty people, and vice versa: try to take more from those who are able to give.

    Love the solitude, spend more time alone with yourself.

    Everything, it seems.

  4. I'm looking for this answer myself.�

    Draw a chronological line of your life from the age of 0 to the death that has not yet occurred. Mark the most powerful experiences and turning points on the lifeline . �Write down in one column what you dreamed about as a child, �write down your idols, write down what you want to achieve in your entire life. Try to look at yourself from the outside, you can do this together with a close person who knows you well and will help you ( mother, brother, husband ) . Ask the question what do I want from life ? How do I achieve this ? Everything else is just a means to your goals .

    Set high standards and goals . Dream because thoughts are material.�

    Write comments if you agree or disagree . Your opinion is very important to me, Kittens: 3

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