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  1. To start enjoying life, you need to start doing it.
    It happens that there is an internal unconscious stopper that makes us get stuck in some state. It is formulated in an internal dialogue in the form of a problem or a statement that it is difficult or impossible. If you really want to start enjoying life, and not just complain, calling for help from other people or looking for like-minded people who are faced with the same situation, then the solution is quite simple: Make an internal decision that from this second you will start enjoying life. This will move from the level of “problem” to the level of “I found a way out and act”. If this decision is taken seriously, then you will feel a change in the state and attitude inside. After that, your attitude will allow you to find pleasure in everything that surrounds you. Because the decision you make will gradually rebuild your internal mechanisms for getting pleasure. You will begin to see things that you will enjoy.
    Good luck!

  2. First, you need to make sure that you are not depressed. Because what we mistakenly perceive as apathy for life is often a mild nervous disorder that is simply treated. Well, secondly, against the background of an already healthy psyche, you need to find an activity that brings pleasure.

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