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  1. Explore the fragments of Diogenes Laertius dedicated to the Cyrenaics. This will help you learn more about hedonism in general.

    Read Epicurus '”Main Thoughts” and “Letter to Meneceus”. These two works can be considered a summary of the ethics of Epicurus.

    That's enough to start with.

  2. From practice. Do whatever you want, eat as much as you want, drink , have sex with whomever you want and when you want, sleep to the brim, do not deny yourself anything and chase new sensations and passions. And when it comes to oversaturation, when the old joys are already boring and you don't know what else to try , when your health is already a little undermined, and your feelings and soul are turned inside out, when you go to the very bottom of your passions, and you become like a hedonist robot from Futurama and Dorian Gray in their not very best years, then you can And read Epicurus, Huxley's Brave New World, the aforementioned Dorian Gray, and watch the Shortbus Club.
    And you can add hipsters to your request. And Irvine Welsh .

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