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    • Read a lot�

    • Walk a lot

    • Experience emotional satisfaction from what is happening

    • Be able to look at the same thing from different points of view

    • Draw or try (as in my case:))

    • Don't be afraid to use new things

    • Smile

    • Listen to other people's stories

  1. First, you need to define the term “think outside the box”. What standards are you going to use? Because what is unconventional thinking for you may be commonplace for many people. Speaking more globally, you can't really think outside the box, because any thought or action already has a certain generally accepted standard. Even the thinking procedure itself is standard. The artist draws according to the opr. algorithm, the musician writes music also according to the opr. algorithm. If someone has discovered something, then to some extent all those who use this discovery only copy the original one, using only a different fraction of polymorphism. Everything in our society is built on these very standards. In most cases, even people with serious mental disorders fall under one or another” standard”, that is, the diagnosis in this case. Then it turns out that reading literature, or contemplating the starry sky, will not bring unconventionality to your thinking, but rather just turn your attention to other things a little and all your attempts to start thinking outside the box will fail.�

    Non-standardness, you need to look for it where it is not sought) Move where few people go and act from the point of view of social restrictions is sometimes illogical, then the percentage that you will think outside the box will increase.

  2. Actually, think outside the box. Tautalogy? Yes, but let me explain.
    There is a standard mindset – it is not because it is worse or better, but because it is common to most people. To think differently from everyone else, you can either grow up in a slightly different way – some people have different views of the world from the standard ones, or develop this in yourself, and develop it in a fairly simple way, although not so easy to perform.
    Look at the player, a tree leaf, a snickers wrapper – what is it? 5 definitions, then 10, 20. What is it? Also pick up as much as you can, and then a little more.
    Next , tell me what the laptop, the cloud, and an explanation note have in common. Found it? Well done, now another 10 grand.
    And now a story about why Mike Tyson will love 3d printers if he goes to Kyrgyzstan – 10 more stories.

    Something like that. Practice, it's fun-it will help you talk about anything, connect the unconnected in your head, and it will become easier.

  3. No way, if the parents were deprived of genes, otherwise you need to try yourself in different fields, disciplines, blah, blah… Sooner or later, if there is potential, it will show itself. If not, then alas.

  4. This is a rather ambiguous question. Do you want to start thinking outside the box in order to find an unusual approach to a problem, find inspiration to create something new, or start looking at the world differently in a broad sense?

    In the latter case, the magnificent Richard Feynman, for example, advised that in order to start looking at things from a different angle, imagine that you are a Martian who has just arrived on Earth for the first time and knows absolutely nothing about the planet itself or its inhabitants. You need to ask yourself questions about everything (about the structure of nature, about how human society functions, about psychology, about politics-about everything that comes to mind), even if the answer seems obvious (for example, what is a dream? how do you describe it to a creature that has never been in a state of sleep? and why do people sleep at all?), because just the most obvious things that we are used to not thinking about, if you start to understand them yourself and get to the bottom of them, are completely different from what you thought about them.

  5. The most effective way is to learn to understand the opposite point of view. “Get into the skin” of a person, feel and think like him. This expands the boundaries of thinking.

  6. Art-house movies and books � help a lot. I respect people who use this method to expand their consciousness, so why do I need this psychedelic drug at all? A movie, such as gummo, or a book, cows,. Learn to read between the lines in a serious way Blood drain, waste paper. Give yourself the opportunity to let the wildest abstraction into your understanding, rather than, on the contrary, thoroughly deny the same minimalism that everyone is so surprised by the prices of paintings. Give yourself up to art in all its forms, change your mind every five minutes, go to bed in the bathroom when the pipes change outside your window sutra. Listen to rhythmic music, learn to dance to electronic music as if you were conceived at a rave. One of the main things is to surround yourself with warm and, very importantly, honest people who can think positively the glass is always half full there is always no bad thing between no and yes the choice is only yes believe in the best life is a dance under the supervision of a sensitive god.�

    P. s. povtoryai etu poeben, I repeat myself more often even if it sounds pathetic

  7. Try to rethink the existing facts and what you are doing!

    It is not necessary to read and walk a lot,it will certainly enrich you in one way or another, but no more)

    It will all come down to rethinking what is available.

    It is worth starting to notice simple things, look for meaning where it does not exist and just try something new)

  8. Don't sleep for several days in a row, don't eat, or both at the same time.�

    In the light version , you can give up even those psychoactive substances that are familiar to you (for example, tonic drinks like tea) and sleep in short intervals of 15 minutes.

  9. Joining the above, I note that for some reason foreign languages were left out) when studying languages, you learn to speak, read and even think differently⭐ in general, you should ask yourself the question-why are you looking for a comparison of standards? Each opinion is uniquely felt, even if it is similar to the majority💫

    All the best and development🌸

  10. They answered above that reading will help. However, they did not disclose the topic, they wrote a “general” answer.�

    To start thinking outside the box, you need to read reviews from CRITICS in addition to books. necessarily. VARIOUS CRITICS. WITH DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. This applies to fiction, historical, political, and scientific literature.

  11. “Be yourself.”

    Exactly so 🙂 Without stereotypes in your head and generally accepted attitudes. Just follow your own path, fulfill your true desires and soon, from simple, I don't know, soap bubbles and self-made lasagna, you will reach your own deep thoughts, to your difficult-to-describe picture of the world, to feelings without a name. Of course, the word “simple” is inappropriate here, but, as we all know, “all ingenious things are simple”, just like the structure of the world, and the structure of a person 🙂

  12. First, collect all the “standards” that you want to deviate from in one list. And think about each standard:�

    1) what problem does this standard solve,�

    2) what other ways can this problem be solved,�

    3) is this problem valid or contrived?�

    Thus, when you find solutions other than the standard one, you begin to think outside the box in this direction.�

    If “non-standardness” is needed in a certain area, for example, you need to make some unusual and original object for decoration, it is good to think not about what you want to get in the end, but about the material itself, its properties, what can be made of it. For example, I made an art object made of polycarbonate for one festival (see photo).

    The idea was just to make it glow, but when I was thinking about the property of the material, I noticed that you can let steam from an electronic cigarette through it, and it settled beautifully inside the material itself and came out from the opposite end. Then I put on the pipes, and at the festival all the owners of electronic cigarettes could have fun, blowing steam through the object. I can't call it SUCH a direct non-standard solution, but I haven't seen anything like this at other sites. So here's what it's all about: if I had initially worked only in the direction of implementing the plan, then there would have been no such additional feature. And when you delve into the properties of the material itself, and not just the final product, you can find a new use for the material.�

    And also, about thinking outside the box. If you work in different areas, you will learn some of your own tricks from each of them, which can be applied in a different area. And for those who do not go beyond one area, your borrowing will seem “non-standard”. But for you, it will seem quite logical. So there is no such feeling of “I think outside the box”. It happens more often “why didn't others think of it before?”.�

    And yes, when you do something rational, but unusual for this field, you will always hear from more conformal people something like “ARE YOU a DRUG ADDICT SHTOLE?”. But this does not mean that only the use of substances leads to non-standard solutions. This means that it is easier for some people to call someone a drug addict than to admit that they themselves are stupid for so much time. (This applies to really useful chips, and not just delusional solutions).

  13. The ability to draw/write/compose/ play does not define the ability to think outside the box. The real bad guys (in any activity) are not bright, cheerful and cheerful people who are ready to please you at any time. These are ordinary people who are often quite quiet. The older the creator is, the more blunt, direct, and in some ways even more violent he is. This is due to the fact that due to their “non-standard thinking”, this person has to face standard reality and live in a standard society. It's hard enough when people don't share your views, don't understand you, and absolutely don't understand your creations. So I don't think that “thinking outside the box” should be such a desirable acquisition.�

    And in order to start thinking the same way, you need to learn to understand the same people. Look at their creation and try to see in them what the author was trying to say. Read books that may seem terrible to you, but read them anyway. This is exactly the same, out-of-the-box thinking. What is terrible and unacceptable for everyone can be very attractive for one person and vice versa. Put yourself in the shoes of others, it helps to look at the world from the point of view of another person. And most importantly, reflect. Think about everything. It doesn't matter if you know it or not. You will be surprised at what mental conclusions about love will lead you to the initial thought of what potatoes are made of….

    • Go where you haven't gone before

    • Do something you haven't done before

    • Meditate

    • Dream

    • Connect with new people

    • Reveal old people

    There are still a lot of tips in this spirit, but I can personally add something that unites all these tips (in the spirit of, maybe, super-quotes, well, and figs with it)) to think differently from what you're used to, start small: change your attitude to what you think is the most boring thing in the world, and gradually change your entire philosophy as much as you see fit.

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