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  1. Since I've already been invited (I think this marker will soon become popular on tQ), I'll start with myself. I chose a way to stay positive and cheerful by moving to a megacity. And if you don't feel the energy to stay in a good mood in the place where you live, choose a convenient social elevator and move to a more suitable one for you. My social elevator was education, but I know the stories of people who came to Moscow with only one suitcase and now quite well settled in life.�

    Another way to find a source of happiness in life in the Russian hinterland is its undoubted advantages compared to life in a megalopolis.�

    First of all, you are not in a hurry. The life of the province is measured and unhurried, there are not hundreds of things that need to be done in time. Here you can engage in reflection, contemplation. I, for example, sometimes miss the comfort and tranquility of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

    Secondly, cheap housing and services. This allows you to live where you want, get affordable medical care, go to theaters and cinemas, and otherwise entertain and help yourself. It is clear that the laws of the market apply in Moscow, and the average salary is higher, but if you count not only the food basket, but also the educational, cultural and medical ones, everything turns out to be not so clear.�

    Third, in the province, human relations in the province are stronger and more sincere. In the capital, there is no time for both sincere friendship and sincere hostility. Just business, nothing personal. Reactions in the capital are immediate and short-lived; in the provinces, they are deeper and longer-term.�

    It is clear that the colors in these points are thickened. This is done specifically to demonstrate the differences. And, again, it strongly depends on the person, you always have the first point as an opportunity.�

    And more. I recently watched a TEDx video about depression, which says that you can be happy even if you are a poor single woman with 7 children. If you are determined by the situation, think about your own state. Watch the video: https://tvrain.ru/teleshow/ted_dod/depressija-403315/, contact our specialists.

  2. Yes, the frame is like somewhere in my Arkhangelsk)

    Now – I travel a lot: work and study.

    And for seven years I once worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist in villages (regional centers), and if it weren't for family circumstances, I could have worked there at least all my life. You do what you like, you know how, and you are very much needed. This is a big piece of happiness. If at the same time everything is fine with relationships and you earn money at least somehow more or less – and what else is needed?))

  3. To paraphrase Professor Preobrazhensky: “The province is not outside the MKAD, but in our heads.”

    There is no guarantee that a person arriving in Moscow or St. Petersburg will necessarily become a cheerful positive optimist, sometimes such a person becomes even more pessimistic :((

    I believe that any person can be cheerful and positive, regardless of the place of residence, it is enough to be inquisitive, do not stop there and find beauty even in ordinary objects and phenomena.

    It is not a place that makes a person beautiful, but a person's place.

  4. Let's make the initial conditions more complex and simplify them. You are a revolutionary in the tsarist prison (not in the GULAG, where the forest is felled around the clock, but in prison, where there is a lot of free time and bars). What did these revolutionaries do? That's right – self-education.

    In the age of the Internet – and in freedom – you can learn, for example, programming languages, and then search for orders on the corresponding sites for finding freelancers. Upgrade your skills by moving from a province to a non-province.

  5. For some reason, almost all the answers belong to people who have been in the provinces only passing through, or lived a small amount of time. All offer examples of philosophers, present themselves as a secret agent, someone said that even in such towns there are cafes, etc … BUT! the point is not that. And the bottom line is that such cities” stupidly “get bored and “hawk you”. Literally everything gets boring. With a population of 300k, I went to uni every day with the same people on the bus. Speaking of cafes and movies.- YES , they do exist, but since the town is not big, there is no competition as such and everything is done rather mediocre. in this regard, there is also no choice where to go, you will not go anywhere to a new place because you have already been everywhere 1000 times…
    In my opinion, if you are a normal person who wants to develop, then you can not be happy in the province, there is simply nowhere to develop. Such cities are cities for the elderly and children. Old people don't really need any action and something new anymore, and children don't need much at all. By the age of 22, the most I want to do in my city is go out for a smoke and be happy that I finally graduated from the institute and will soon be able to get out of here. And I consider the idea of being agents and all the other tips to be some kind of analogy of humility with my dull life.�

    Develop and look for something really new and interesting!

  6. And why? Why stay cheerful and positive all the time (no matter where you live)? Like that girl who wears a hard hat and smiles all the time, really.

    Put things in order around you if you don't like something, and live ordinary. Normal, adequate to reality.

  7. In my province, there is an entrepreneur who, having the opportunity to leave, on the contrary, began to develop our small city. I don't know where he started. But now he has his own ikea-style furniture store (although the prices are higher. Therefore, there is no large income. A way out – he arranged interiors for photo shoots!), a children's amusement park with a skating rink, a wish tree, huge moving dinosaurs, etc.; a pizzeria that constantly holds promotions and distributes gifts. A man doesn't just make money. It develops our city, improves its cultural level. And the population fully supports it!�

    Of course, you will say that this requires money. A story from my company. In the summer, when there was no club in the village (and I'm from the village myself) and no one was entertaining us, we gathered on the school porch every Thursday and played games for each other: fun starts, forfeits, love at first sight, etc. This is where it all starts…

  8. You can find something good and beautiful even in the most unexpected places.

    When I was a teenager, I studied art. And every summer we went out to draw in nature. Children were asked to draw all sorts of high-rises, elegant shops and so on.. To which our teacher replied: “What's so interesting about these tall concrete boxes? See how interesting it is to draw leaning fences and peeling paint on the architraves of old houses. They have a lot more life in them.” And he was right.

    You can, of course, advise to develop a vigorous activity, but this is only a small part of the panacea. It's a way to close your eyes to most of the world around you.

    But the most effective way is to open your eyes and learn to see. Beauty and happiness are everywhere, if you pay attention to them.

  9. I spent the first six years of my life in the country (with a goat, geese, and chickens), and then, until I was 18, I spent every summer in the same village. It is located two hundred kilometers from Tver (this is not the village where I grew up, but the house there has been on my family's estate all my life). The beauty of this place is that it is a natural Wilderness (with a capital letter, yes). the nearest city (town) is 70 kilometers away, everyone knows each other and there are practically no random people there, there is a huge forest on three sides and that's all.�

    And I can say that yes, it is sad and hopeless to see what is happening to this place (in 90% of cases, people die from rope or alcohol, but not everything is so hopeless. First, the people themselves – they are good, mostly not disfigured by the giant race for status or money, and secondly, of course, it is nature. Forests, rivers, the sky, what a beautiful sky, not polluted by the light of cities! You go out to pee, look up, and just forget why or where you were going. A huge, bright Milky Way, in which it seems you can drown and trace every star, clear constellations, the light of burning universes, and if you are lucky and match, you can see Jupiter, Venus or Mars.

    And most importantly, when you live in the country – you have more time for yourself. Work ennobles a person, proportionality and calmness come, the ability to reflect and think, this is a bit of Chinese philosophy.�

    If you live in the city, then I'll paraphrase Brodsky. He wrote “all the islands are similar to each other”, and I will add that the cities are also similar. And any Berdyansk internally is practically no different from Moscow. There are few cities where life is very different from others – (Odessa does not count) these are either completely northern cities, or highly specialized ones, such as, for example, Norilsk. But in the essence of social life, even they are similar to each other in the same way.�

    And in order not to fall into depression, you need to move – then there is simply no time left for depression.

  10. First, stop whining.�

    Next , try to leave the province you hate. Go away for a long time, to some big and noisy city, try to arrange your life there. Only, as mentioned above, it is a ruin in the heads. And it is quite possible that in a new, such a beautiful megalopolis place, you will feel even worse. Perhaps this is where you will understand what you want from life. And then there are two options-either stay or go somewhere else. But no, there is a third – you will come back and love your dirty province)

    Personally, I had a third option. It seemed to me that I hated the city in which I lived, that it was impossible to be happy and happy while living in this city. I took it and went to the city of my dreams – Paris. And you still know Sho? On the spot, it turned out such a simple and obvious truth-the main thing is not where, but with whom. All my family and friends stayed in Saratov, and I never felt happy in Paris without them. I came back, found a job for myself, I live and rejoice)

    So if you want to leave , go away. Much will become clear. The main thing is not to whine and do not sit still.

  11. When Leo Tolstoy fell into a depression, realizing the frailty of life, he nevertheless wanted to find an answer to this question. I looked around. He realized that the peasants around him had no less perishable lives, and yet they enjoyed them. He came to the conclusion that all the answers would be found in the Christian faith and began to study it thoroughly. Whether this made him happy, history is silent, but he wrote several books about his research…

  12. This is no longer a problem. There are social networks, in principle, the Internet closes all problems. I live in the provinces and do not complain, but the environment is good and if you want to go to the capital, then no problem.

  13. Try to forget about yourself for a moment and remember the place where everything is held together. Our Land. She needs our help so often. And you can and should start helping in any corner of the Earth. Starting from the most remote towns, you can go very far. Start taking care of the ecological situation in your area. You can simply collect garbage, hold fun subbotniks, plant flowers/ trees or organize pickets against polluting enterprises, collect bottles or sort garbage. It may not be the most pleasant activity, but it is an invaluable help to the Earth. Perhaps this will make you feel necessary to your place of residence and make it more beautiful and pleasant to the eyes.

  14. I advise you to watch on YouTube such films as Bertrand's “Dom”, as well as the yellowish, but still showing life in Africa – “Cannibal Generals of Liberia”. After that, enlightenment should come.

  15. I live in Ivanovo, of course, not quite a province, but there are very few interesting places and events (for my taste, of course), or none at all. In order not to fall into boredom and despondency (I do not promise cheerfulness, but this is already not bad), it is enough to find an interesting activity for yourself. There are so many ways to learn something, to learn something new without leaving your home: online lectures, video tutorials, books, movies. It is enough to be an interested person.

    In fact, uplifting aesthetics can also be found in the backwoods, for example, I really like to travel around the region, you can find many interesting places, in addition, there is nature, which is usually more in the province than in large cities.�

    In general, everything is according to the program-entertain yourself. Although you can also connect your friends and organize something yourself.

    And you can always cheer yourself up with the idea that, if not now, then someday, you will get out of the province. Start thinking now about how you will do it.�

    Plus, no one bothers to periodically travel away from your town/village / village to the megacities of Russia or even other countries.

    Perhaps it is better to combine all of the above at once.

  16. The answers exceeded 3 dozen, but maybe someone will read my answer too. I'll share my experience and thoughts 🙂

    I don't live in Russia, but I can share a unique experience. I grew up in the Belarusian wilderness, in fact, it is not much different from the Russian province, believe me; the only thing Asians and Caucasians do not exist, and if they do, it is exotic. After that, I moved to Minsk, even if it is a provincial city, for example, for Muscovites, but still the capital, even if it is a local spill.
    In fact, there is a lot to do, I realized this, unfortunately, quite late, already living in a noisy city. Fishing, going to the forest for mushrooms – a paradise for an introvert and a lone psycho (who are usually called philosophers). Well, if you are not one, then you can also gather a company, including in the forest with a tent, guitar,barbecue, in general, as it should be. You can do it for a week. Why not?

    In my native wilderness, there is a historical reconstruction club (the same guys who make medieval armor, swords with shields, and then fight at festivals). The clearest example of what you can do in the ass of the world. By the way, this is a cool option: you study history, physical activity (sports), and at least some fencing experience (this is also interesting), and you are directly engaged in the manufacture of armor and costume (sewing, forging metal, weaving chain mail-these are all interesting and developing activities). If you don't have such a club in the city, then why don't you cooperate with your friends? The Internet is full of people who can be contacted and who can help you in this matter. By the way, the club is also good because you can go with the company to which cities are paradise.centers or other zazhopinski (according to your type) for festivals. A kind of tourism in punk =)

    By the way, about tourism and about cheerfulness. It is always useful to travel and travel not only to places that are the number 1 places for you, but also to other Zazhopinsk cities like yours. This is important so that you can compare your life and your native places with others. For some reason, everyone likes to look at “first-class countries” (the United States, the European Union), but the Christmas trees are green, you need to be realistic, and not fly in the clouds. Maybe our children or grandchildren will live as well as in the first world countries, but we are hardly there anymore. For this reason, it is very useful to compare your native places with other places that are similar, and maybe even worse than ours. This sobers the brain and does not allow you to hang up your nose. It gives you an incentive to strive for something and not fall down.

    Having traveled by post.sovku (Russia, Ukraine, MoldovaTransdniestria) I realized that my situation in Belarus is not so bad, which already gives me an incentive not to hang my nose. By the way, your situation in Russia is also not so bad (I'm talking about the province). Save up some money (if there are no problems with the equipment, then the finances rest only on transportgrubsmall pocket expenses + NZ in the form of 100 bucks that you will bring back home), collect a backpack, a team (you don't need much, a maximum of four; the main thing is that people would be the same as you), make a route and just rush off on an anarcho-punk trip around the country. Harsh, I know, but very helpful.

    Speaking of punk. You can put together a collective farm rock band for yourself and your friends, very entertaining. Naturally, this work, as many will say, “dnarskoe” (in a sense, it is), but still it is better than nothing, besides the variety in life.

    Read books. I don't know.pok or popular psychology, and the artist, start with the Russian classics. Start learning English, try to pass the Unified State Exam, and go to any university in any major city. If the years allow you naturally. During your studies, you may have a chance to stay in this city, find a job and put down roots. If the province really depresses you so much.

    Well, something like that =)

  17. Set a goal — to move to the track. year. Look, you have an Internet connection. Try learning, for example, web design and freelancing. Earn money, save money, move.
    Good luck to you.

  18. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION I'VE COME ACROSS HERE.I ask them every day and can't find the answer!

    Not that I live in a provincial part of Russia,but nevertheless, not a question, but a cry of the soul

  19. No way. We must try to leave with all our might. Your cheerfulness and positivity are influenced by the environment, and if you are surrounded by something that does not inspire you, but what drives you into melancholy and depression, then no flowers on the balcony and a coffee shop, after the failure of which you will still have to pay off the loan for ten years, will not help. And happy Kiev farmers are happy not because of the fact that they bake bread, but just the opposite. They bake bread because they are happy. They left from where they were bad to where they like. Unfortunately, in our reality, only a few people can afford this..

    And from the tips in essence, I can only advise you to go in for sports-whatever harmons are all good in the body, read books-so that the brain does not turn sour and in no case start drinking or getting addicted!

  20. This is achievable if you have a goal. Review your past life, and in the silence of your mind, determine exactly what you want in the future. Set yourself a goal and go for it. The problem is not in the province, apathy and depression will reach you both in the capital and abroad. But the consistent achievement of goals fills existence with meaning, cheerfulness and new energy.

    Of course, it is always better to know your successful periods at the same time.

  21. In fact, even in the deepest hole, you can find something to do with yourself, since the Internet now allows you to see what people have come up with so interesting. Unless, of course, you can't figure out what to do at the moment.
    It all depends on your hobbies. Let's say you really like to draw. So why not, attention, DRAW? I'm not saying you have to have an easel, lots of brushes, canvases, and a sexy model. I am convinced that if not in the city or village, then there are beautiful and interesting places near the settlement in their own way. Create on notebook sheets, with ordinary pens, and have fun!
    Do you like poking around in cars? What prevents you from buying an elementary penny/three/six/nine… yes, anything and hang out in the garage or even in the yard and bring her to her senses, and maybe even do her tuning? And don't care, what's the use of it a little – the main thing is to enjoy the process and enjoy the result, right?
    Do you like taking pictures? Go ahead and shoot! Beautiful photos are not always relatives against the background of a tourist attraction. Even an ordinary panel house can be removed in such a way that it will become a really cool art object in the photo.
    Well, or thump. Also a good (no) pastime, although it gets boring quickly and is as exhausting as a jog. Verified.

  22. Create, create, and create again. Do you like to take pictures-organize a photo circle, do you like to dance-organize a dance studio, do you like to play the guitar-organize a band, do you like to solder-organize a radio circle… Look for like-minded people nearby, learn to measure your results relative to yourself yesterday.

    If you have an Internet connection, you are no longer in the outback, but near pristine nature. You can invite guests from major cities, many will be interested in visiting the outback.

  23. I live in Ulyanovsk.

    There is a good option to work on the Internet to work and find orders all over Russia or the world.

    Try hitchhiking . Nothing is more inspiring than a trip, at least to the provinces of Russia.

    Get creative and find friends based on your interests. So you can cheer yourself up if you don't drink booze at all.

    Market with people on Skype all over the world. You can broadcast in perestroika or ask questions in the broadcast. It is very refreshing to communicate with people who live completely differently from you.

    Most importantly, do not think that the province is the end of life . The whole world is in your hands, just take it .

  24. Alternatively, rethink your core values. Change the desire to possess material excesses and essentially unnecessary status items to the desire to possess knowledge, change watching federal channels with constant advertising to surfing educational and popular science sites, change everything that is burdensome to everything that simplifies, both in everyday life and in psychological terms.

  25. No way. Leave if you don't like it. Before that, live your dreams of moving. Life is given 1 time, you don't have to spend it where you don't like it (except when you were put in prison). If you have relatives, move them too to a place where you will be happy. And it is better to do it as early as possible.

  26. PITT, responding to your invitation. And my answer will be: no way 🙂 This answer is a direct consequence of the wording of the question. I'll explain… There is something in the question that we, as coaches, call “crooked goal setting” or “false goal setting”. In the Nashin language, the question goes something like this:”I found myself living in a foul-smelling substance. How can I continue to live in her, but not smell like her?».

    A person has already discovered(realized) a certain fact, a problem that cannot be transferred to the category of personal tasks, respectively, it cannot be solved, since it is outside the control zone of this person. He can inject himself with a magic pill “against bad smell”, read several dozen philosophical books, recite mantras five times a day, but the very ” bad-smelling substance “from these manipulations will not disappear anywhere, as well as the awareness that this person has visited (it already exists, it is already”embedded”).

    As a result, we get a person who has driven himself into a trap, he is forced to spend a lot of his resources on “cheerfulness and positivity”, not because of, but in spite of (the fact). This person plans to live in the “FROM” format, and this is a “so-so” motivation, and “to good” such motivation does not “bring” 🙂


    The “FROM” format. «I don't want to be in this room because it's stuffy and dark.” With this goal setting, a person can easily leave this room and enter another one… exactly the same, at most, “with mother-of-pearl buttons”.

    The “K” format.”I want to be in a room that is fresh because it has a window and air conditioning, and has one ceiling light and four wall lights.” With this goal setting, there is a high chance of getting where you want to go.

    Back to the province. In theory, the question, in fact, is: “How to be (become) cheerful and positive?”. Period (question mark).�

    The province will not go anywhere, it should simply be “taken out” of the question, so as not to drive yourself into the eternal format of “FROM” and “CONTRARY TO”.

  27. It is very easy to answer this question. I followed this answer two weeks ago. Go away and don't come back. There is no need to live where you feel bad and you need to invent ways to improve your health in order to continue living. Leaving is hard, scary, in my case it was connected with a tragedy in general and I can't survive it to this day. But we must leave.

  28. Staying always upbeat and positive is a matter of external beliefs, not your personal innate desires.

    To eliminate these malignant beliefs that destroy your personality and start living like a normal Earthling, be sure to read this article.:


    Once you can overcome these false aspirations, you will suddenly become a happy and balanced person.

  29. I've lived in a Russian province all my life. It's not the worst version of it, but the question doesn't specify it, so my “city of kindness and prosperity” will do. I think it's important to remember that no state can last forever. Wherever you live, you can be sad, depressed, desperate, cheerful, positive, and different. It is also important to understand why you suddenly stop being cheerful and positive if you were before. Surely there is a specific problem behind this that needs to be solved. In any case, it is important to accept the idea that life and human conditions are changeable, that nothing lasts forever and change is possible. The province is not a prison that you can't get out of if it's so bad.

  30. Neuromonk Feofan will help you. Here, of course, a lot depends on musical tastes. But if you're bored outside of the big city, listen to his albums – and after that, seeing what usually made you sad, you won't be able to stop laughing.

  31. The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, who is considered one of the founders of existentialism, wrote about it this way:�

    Unfortunately, the doors of happiness do not open inwards-then they could be dissolved by a violent pressure-but from within.

    When you realize that your happiness depends entirely on yourself and your attitude to things, then you will come to a continuous good mood. No one and nothing can make a person unhappy. An instructive myth about Epictetus, the Stoic Greek philosopher:

    Epictetus was also born and vegetated in the province (the city of Hieropolis), but what is even worse, he was born in slavery. Accompanying his master to lectures on philosophy, he learned to reflect and became a philosopher himself. Once the owner, being in a playful mood, began to hit him on the leg with a stick – well, you know, there was no Internet or television then, but you want to have fun. And beat in full force. Epictetus looks at his master and says ,” If you keep hitting me like that, you'll break my leg.”Would that stop you? Of course not. Therefore, the owner hit him several more times on the leg and still broke his leg. Epictetus, without even changing his face, says: “I told you you'd break it.” The owner was so impressed by this that he granted him his freedom. Epictetus disposed of his freedom with dignity – he became a Stoic philosopher. Here is an example of the ideas he preached:

    The main task of philosophy is to teach us to distinguish between what we can do and what we can't. Everything outside of us, the body, the external world, is beyond our control. It is not these things themselves, but only our ideas about them, that make us happy or unhappy; but our thoughts, aspirations, and consequently our happiness are all subject to us.

    Since children need to be brought up by their own example, I will tell you about the example of my project. I was not satisfied with the fact that Russian students and engineers do not know technical English well. This deprives us of competitive advantages, separates us from the world of science and does not allow us to be understood. I thought I could change that. So a month ago I started a project to translate MIT lectures into Russian – such translations have already been made into many other languages, such as Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Farsi, but no one has done it into Russian. The goal of this translation is to reduce the barrier of entry of Russian-speaking people to science and educational courses in other languages: all terms are necessarily given in English, video lectures come with Russian subtitles, allowing you to listen to English speech.�

    Now, a month after the launch of this project, our team of volunteer translators employs more than 200 people from all over Russia, an extremely professional team of programmers and designers is working on the site, and almost 17 thousand people follow the news in VK (for reference, our news is located here: vk.com/kursomir). And although I have gained a lot of skills as a project manager, and the part of the world that I can directly influence has increased, but before this project, and now I am happy.

    Based on my experience of communicating with people from all over Russia, I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with the province – a large number of our best translators are from there. And they are not at all inferior to those from Moscow or St. Petersburg, and in perseverance and achieving goals, they can even give a head start. In my opinion, the province is more opportunities for creating something of your own, something that you will make with your own hands or your own head; in the province, due to its remoteness, people in the process of self-development (if they, of course, do this) become original and interesting. The capital is an opportunity to get into some big/prestigious company or to find, if possible, some interesting connections. But at the same time, the capital often emasculates people: everyone becomes about the same, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. You need to have a lot of internal immunity in order not to lose yourself and not start chasing the crowd or the party.

    Speaking about the wording of the question, which implies that the capital's residents are completely cheerful and positive , it seems to me that there is some mistake here 🙂 In rare countries, it is the capitals that are distinguished by cheerfulness and positivity, and for example, Paris (and Moscow) is definitely not among such cities. I know people who are happy to leave Paris for Bordeaux. And not because of the climate, but because the people of the capital, as always, are not the friendliest – and this is not my opinion, but in general all the French people with whom I somehow talked about this topic. So you need to look for positivity and cheerfulness not in the capitals, but in yourself 😉

  32. In the provinces, and especially in the Russian Federation, competition is much lower than in megacities. That is, if you are a specialist in some craft or have at least some talent (even if not on a global scale), then it makes sense to organize your business, at least first in hobby mode, if you are still afraid to plunge into the pool with your head! You can easily become a local “star” even as an instructor in a sports club, even as a super-cool math tutor, even as an excellent guitarist.

    PS Fortunately or unfortunately, the joy, positivity and desire to act, changing your life for the better do not depend on the name and size of the city where you live. Another thing is that moving, even if not globally, but at least from one area to another, triggers the desire for change and leads to the fact that a person changes significantly, revises his opinion on a number of issues and begins to live in a new way.

  33. Staying happy and positive is possible, and very simple. Anywhere. The recipe for this is banal: lowering your own intellectual level and reducing the level of your own requests. Simple instructions: watch a lot of TV, get a sense of your own greatness, understand that you only need to live in a huge great country… And become happy. The second option: you realize that you don't need anything other than digging in the ground, buy a house, raise chickens, and grow vegetables. And do not try to think that you can be attacked by bandits or the state will come for taxes.

    But. A very big BUT. A culture of eternal happiness does not lead to development. A closed system is doomed to extinction or, at best, to endless stagnation. You can be happy anywhere, but I can't imagine myself in the place of Indian beggars, for example, who live under a palm tree and are happy. This is terrible.

    Therefore, I advise you not to use the first part of the answer, but to understand what you need and strive to achieve your goals. If you want to live in the province – live. If you want to work in a big city or travel, try to break out. In my opinion, this path can lead to higher-quality, or something, happiness.

  34. You're a secret agent who had to be taken by the witness protection program to such a remote place where even the news is found out by means of warning lights, burning garbage and tires.

    But even here, your skills and talents will come in handy, because under the veil of a provincial calm, skeletons hide worse than in megacities. Bring to light and stop the apocalypse of public utilities, fill the road mafia with asphalt and put it on the shelves for justice to shameless bureaucrats from the mayor's office.

    Do you have enough strength, experience and perseverance?

    We'll see…

  35. You need to be expelled from the phil school, listen to radical depressive music, play something that is in your mind punk rock, as well as Sid Meir's” Doom “and” Civilization”, selflessly read thick philosophical books, drink budget, so to speak, port wine with friends in nature (discussing selected issues of culture and religion), stay in complex and confusing personal relationships, see very vivid and realistic dreams and be something about twenty years old.

  36. Stop thinking that this province is the bottom. Find yourself all sorts of classes-you can find sports sections or dance master classes there. Read books, watch movies and definitely go out with friends, and if possible, go somewhere outside your area. Yes, there, at least get involved in photography to start, well.
    and yes, how many provinces have I seen, even in the most remote there are cafes, cinemas and playgrounds where you can play frisbee, for example. A person paints a place, well.

  37. I would probably come up with some kind of activity that would distinguish my life from others living nearby.
    Buy some Nordic walking sticks and walk around the city at 5am… Make everything beautiful in your apartment. Plant pink petunias on your balcony. If you have money, open a coffee shop of 10 square meters, pour coffee to customers, asking: “are you as usual?” Open at 5 am, close at 12 pm, after selling all the hot rolls, imagine that you live in some Ubenburen.�

    I'll give you an example: I follow the Instagram of a farmer who left Kiev for 80 km to the village, where he and his family started a farm, but this is such a “hipster” farm. They bake bread, make cheeses, pickles, jams, sell eggs and so on, and so on. Bread is baked in the oven, packaged beautifully, arugula is grown in the greenhouse, not dill, for example, jam is made with cinnamon, not just cherry, etc. Now they even go to them from Kiev for these “eco-goods”, but behind the fence lives Baba Masha and grandfather Mikola with a red nose, whose children, as if from fire, fled from this dreary village to the big city.

    In general, you can live beautifully and not bleakly everywhere.

  38. Do not watch the news(so as not to overwhelm yourself unnecessarily with negative things, because there is rarely anything good in the news), give up social networks (so as not to see someone's better life), find entertainment preferably without harm to your health after work, and get a cat.

    P.S. The latter is optional)

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